Titanfall cover revealed, Xbox One to get Tomb Raider port?

Titanfall cover has been revealed along with what could be either a next-gen Tomb Raider game or a port of the current gen game.

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golding891565d ago

Addictive game in the making. Can't wait for this one.

Smurf11565d ago

Yep mate. The game looks addictive, but the console is a bit too expensive for me at this stage.

Cupid_Viper_31565d ago

Such a beautiful cover art for the game. I saw this picture earlier when the game was first revealed and right away I told myself that they should use it as the cover.

thrust1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

You can not afford £80 more?

Just wondering aswell how many games a year do you buy?

Smurf11565d ago

@thrust, Buying PS4 first. Need money for gaming PC too.

Darth Stewie1565d ago

It's coming to the 360 too so you can buy that version or get the PC version if you got a decent gaming rig.

Nekroo911565d ago

but you can still get the game for the 360 and pc.

malokevi1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

XB1 will have the quintessential version!

All hail the omega-console!!!!

FanboyCrusher1565d ago

If $500 dollars is too much, gaming in general shouldn't be your priority, especially moving on to next gen consoles.

ShinMaster1564d ago

The people that are justifying the price of the Xbox One are the same people that said the PS3 was too expensive.

Nice teal and orange cover art. Haven't seen that before....

gamer20131564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )


cyguration1564d ago

lol @ all the people suggesting you get the Xbox 360 version.

I'm pretty sure you made your comment in regards to the definitive next-gen version, not the POS current-gen version.

Also, lol @ anyone who thinks current-gen won't look like trash. I refer you to Watch Dogs on the PS3/Xbox 360:

amiga-man1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

It's an EA game anyone willing to take a stab at guessing how long it will be before it is released on the PS4?

I'm guessing a year.

starchild1564d ago

It would be interesting if the XB1 and PS4 get Tomb Raider.

On PC, Tomb Raider looks absolutely gorgeous. One of the best looking games on PC after a few of the heavy hitters like Crysis 3, Metro Last Light and The Witcher 2.

Kingscorpion19811564d ago

I have to agree with Starchild Tomb raider is gorgeous on the pc

crxss1564d ago

Just come out for ps4 already! Need titanfall ASAP. Lame 1-year exclusivity

DeadlyFire1564d ago


PS4/X1 are not getting Tomb Raider. They are getting Tomb Raider 2 in 2014/2015.

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TomShoe1565d ago

Sooo getting this on PC. Not buying that P.O.S. Xbone :D

HammadTheBeast1565d ago

Not going to lie, that is one badass cover. Only thing I'd change is make that 60 awards logo a tiny bit smaller and move it to the right, so it doesn't take away from the "beauty".

StoutBEER1564d ago

Agreed. Gamestop put a exclusive Gamestop printed edition on top of my AC3 box, still havent forgiven.

The Great Melon1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Those stupid stamps of awards and retailer exclusive bonuses actually deter me from purchasing that version of the game. I have actually gone out of the way many times to be the older versions of the games simply to avoid that crud. As a specific example I remember seeing Uncharted 2 when it released... and also after every conference/journalist/website gave it a perfect score and put it on the cover. The awards effectively formed a frame around Drake.

fermcr1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Would be funny if it was released first on X1 (timed exclusive), then later on the X360 and PC. That certainly would sell some consoles.

I would be bit pissed because I'm getting the PC version, but it would still be funny :)

Mounce1565d ago ShowReplies(3)
3-4-51564d ago

Yea this looks like what COD should have evolved into.

More excited about BF4, but this game is on my radar. Sucks I may be getting PS4 instead, but if I ever do get the XB1, this is a day one buy.

StoutBEER1564d ago

When I first saw this game I was biased by the same CoD engine and what I thought was the same CoD gameplay. But then as it unfolded and I saw parkour, mechs, mech ejection on foot combat against mechs, I was blown away. I LOVED Mech Assault and really interested in Hawken, but my laptop cant run it for shit I was like "Day One buy". I am really hoping to be able to afford this and Battlefield 4 with Xbox One day one. I am accepting donations now if you would like to help. XD

crazyeightz1564d ago

Its not coming out till at least the spring of 2014.

theEx1Le1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Made on the source engine IIRC

showtimefolks1564d ago

i hope we get this on ps4 soon, otherwise pc it is

looks great can't wait to try it

H0RSE1564d ago

The game does look fun, but I'm concerned how the shooting mechanics will behave. If it turns out to just be a glorified COD, I'll be disappointed.

TwistedMetal1564d ago

if its online multiplayer only then I can live without it. id rather get destiny instead for the borderlands type customizations and 1000's of weapons and armors.

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pacostacos1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

im hoping for more game footage at gamescom, but man this game is looking awesome so far! looks like another AAA shooter for the xbox stable...i aint mad!

Nekroo911565d ago

actually its timed exclusive for 1 realize its published by EA so what were you expecting?!

Elit3Nick1565d ago

there is no confirmation whatsoever so don't start spreading misinformation

HammadTheBeast1564d ago

No confirmation.... on either side. Every time the question comes up in interviews, they dodge it or say it's a Xbox One exclusive for the moment.

LoveSpuds1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I recall seeing an interview with one of the devs at E3, might have been Zampella where he was asked about other platforms and he had the biggest smirk when he said something along the lines of "at the moment we are focusing on the XBOX and PC versions".

I am not some body language expert but it wasn't hard to read between the lines when I saw it.

I will get it on PC anyway but I am pretty sure that it will turn up on all consoles at some point, even PS3 I expect.

On topic, its a nice looking cover but could do without the big ass badge on it I think. Also a little tired of that awful lime green colour, it clashes with the decor of my games room :D

Transporter471564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

It will be timed exclusive, as much as you want it solely for the X1 EA is a greedy company. Think Mass Effect

JokesOnYou1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Mass Effect was subject to legal loopholes due to the buyout of Bioware, considering Respawn is made up of COD devs who had a legal battle and split from Activision to become independent I hardly think they are going to entertain any offers to be bought out anytime soon= Your example is flawed, I think all the other games published by micro last gen did not go to ps3, surely you don't think that was because the devs love micro and hate ps fans money?

Transporter471564d ago

Nope, I am sorry, you can say whatever you want, but a fact will be this will go Multiplatform as much as you hate it, it basically already is, minus the PS4 atm.

Lucreto1565d ago

I like the box art but I won't get the game because no single player. I might change my mind but I will wait for it to be cheap or on PS4.

The Tomb Raider placeholder might be for the sequel not a port.

torchic1565d ago

isn't Titanfall supposed to be a single-player/multiplayer hybrid like Destiny? I'm pretty sure they won't flat out sell you an MP game for full price, it's much more than that.

just hope that when Titanfall comes to PS4 they don't screw us over with a full price tag for an old game! also that cover art is beautiful

ICECREAM1565d ago

It's a multiplayer only game.

1565d ago
HammadTheBeast1565d ago

It's MP only, but there's a story told over videos in the corner of the screen.

PSVita1565d ago

I think there is single player. right?

Dirtnapstor1565d ago

Square E confirmed a Tomb Raider sequel in the works for next-gen already. Stoked! Titanfall looks awesome too! I have to be patient though... PS4.

Bathyj1564d ago

Yeah. Same.

The game looks good, but since its MP, and I'm not likely to own an XBOne anytime soon, I'll guess I'll be missing out on this one.

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N7Lukas1565d ago

Ill buy it on the 360 until its available on the PS4. Still not comfortable with the Xbox One kinect or the price.

ape0071565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

with all honesty, MS should make kinect optional, they should respect people's feelings, we all hate feeling "unprivate", not that kinect will do anything actually but it's just a wrong feeling, placebo effect maybe??

but don't get the 360 version, i heard it's a different game from a different developer

N7Lukas1565d ago

It comes down to choice, we should CHOOSE if we want something, not have it forced. If it spies on us or not is a different matter. People like me who simply do not want it in the box for whatever reason (for me its i have no interest in playing games without a controller) should be able to choose. Now im going to probably miss out on alot of exclusive games from MS that i would have really enjoyed otherwise.

pacostacos1565d ago

it is a essentially a different game on the 360 from a different developer if you want to fully experience what this game is all about it will have to be xbox one/Pc or bust.

GodGinrai1565d ago


To be fair kinect is not "forced" on you, so this is not really an issue. You dont have to play any of the games mentioned so far for X1, using kinect as the main input device , aside from kinect sports. Its not there to replace your conmtroller.

ABeastNamedTariq1565d ago

@The realness

He means that you're forced..err...required to buy it with the console and have it plugged in to operate the console. He doesn't want it in the box.

GodGinrai1565d ago


Fair enough. But MS have a plan for their product. kinect is more integrated into X1 this time around so its essentially part of the experience at an OS/dashboard level ( snapping apps, voice recognition Etc). Its part of the whole Xbox one experience.

To sell it without all the features kinect adds to X1 would be a shame. This how they are CHOOSING to sell THEIR product.

Titanfall will be great and it wont require a kinect to play it. So I dont see the issue there. If you just simply dont like kinect..then buy a PS4. So yes..he can CHOOSE.

For the record I also own a 360 and have never bought a kinect. I know two people out of the tonnes of people,I know that own 360s. So dont be under any illusion that I am some kinect evangalist. But based on everything I heard, seen and read about it, Im looking forward to using it for the little conveniences it will bring, like voice recognition and player identification. I dont care for kinect sports or dance central. But I can see what kinect brings to the table.

creatchee1565d ago


"It comes down to choice, we should CHOOSE if we want something, not have it forced."

I do not want a touchpad on my PS4 controller. I want to be able to use a controller that does not have a touchpad. I did not choose to have this touchpad on the controller - I was forced.

Or I could just not buy a PS4.

PSVita1565d ago

@createchee- I think you misunderstanding his point because you can still buy third party controllers and your system will work. Also it's not costing any extra unlike kinect. If Sony said the ps4 will be $100 more because of the touch pad you might have a point...but you don't.

PSVita1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@createchee- You're misunderstanding his point because you can still possibly buy a third party controller without it and you don't need to worry about your system not working. Also it's not costing any extra unlike kinect. If Sony said the ps4 will be $100 more because of the touch pad, you might have a point...but you don't.

JokesOnYou1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@N7Lukas, ape007 HELL NO, I don't want X1 to just end up being a 360 with better graphics, I want new options and experiences in core games, if Kinect is released as an add on there is less reason for devs to take advantage of it, not to mention its heavy integration in the UI Kinect v2 is already being used in some unique ways and some ways we've seen before things like this will only get better over the life cycle of X1:

Dead Rising 3 uses Kinect so zombies can actually hear you in game then swarm you/it also enables you to point at the screen, a cursor appears and you can direct survivors to attack with voice commands.

Forza 5 will have head tracking and Autovista mode.

Killer Instinct uses Kinect to automatically detect who's playing and load their settings - even if you give the controller to another player during a match.

Ryse you use voice commands to control your surrounding units in battle, fire pilums or arrows, or block incoming attacks.

Project Spark uses Kinect to draw and create landscape features.

Crimson Dragon uses Kinect to control your dragon movements and fight.

COD Ghosts & Battlefield 4= no details announced but obviously voice controls, possible motion features like leaning around a corner.

This is just a sample of what we know so far, there is more going on behind the scenes about implementing Kinect in some pretty interesting ways, Microsoft have invested heavily and they are committed to introducing these new experiences by helping devs with lessons learned from the original Kinect.
"Microsoft showed how if you touch your temple in the FPS demo, it'll immediately turn on x-ray vision in the video game. If you raise your controller, your character will raise a shield." Then of course there will be full Kinect games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports Rivals.

Kinect v2 also allows for face mapping because it is a built in "system level feature" and will be available to any game that chooses to use them.

-If you don't care about these Kinect options then please just buy a ps4, wii-u, play pc games, or games on tablets, I mean there are other optional platforms you have if you don't like Kinect but stop being selfish and let those of us who want something different enjoy what only the X1 does. Fortunately Microsoft went all in with Kinect and its staying, if that means 60mil vs 70mil sold in 5yrs so be it, I'm not a shareholder as a gamer I'm thankful for new experiences, not how much money each company makes.

creatchee1564d ago


"You're misunderstanding his point because you can still possibly buy a third party controller without it and you don't need to worry about your system not working. Also it's not costing any extra unlike kinect. If Sony said the ps4 will be $100 more because of the touch pad, you might have a point...but you don't."

You're kind of making my point for me and disproving your own.

If I don't want to use the touchpad, I have to spend $50 extra to get the experience that I desire. Therefore, I am spending extra money for something that I do not want. Even so, I haven't seen any third-party controllers without the touchpad. Why WOULDN'T they have the touchpad?

Also, there is not a PS4 SKU that offers a non-touchpad controller, just like there is not an Xbox One SKU without Kinect. N7Lukas was saying that Kinect is being forced on him. However, it is part of the console itself, just like the touchpad controller is part of the PS4.

If I do not want Kinect or a touchpad controller, I simply do not have to buy an Xbox One or PS4. Nobody forces me to buy either console.

Side note - the touchpad will not stop be from buying the PS4, nor will the Kinect prevent my One purchase. People nitpick over stuff like that when they run out of actual important topics to talk about.

Salooh1564d ago

PSVita , why even try ?.

As you see , kinect is kool now and you are crazy if you don't like it or feel safe with it. Price doesn't matter , what matters is what they say and you are 100% wrong for wanting X1 without kinect . You are a troll .

What's wrong with you !!!!! Your points are not important !! You don't know what's good for you !

JokesOnYou1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

14Feb-R, so you finally get it....When your post history shows you worship sony of course xbox fans will wonder;

What's wrong with you spreading BS in xbox threads !!! NO, your points are not creditable!! You don't know whats good for xbox fans !

Why even try ?

Salooh1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I don't worship sony , my history proves it if you go deep not just few comments. I'm against paying for online , I hate how sony handle the vita and they have many many problems that it take time to address them . But i acknowledge the good stuff they make. Same with X1 . Basically if i don't like something i say it . I'm not perfect but i try to be fair when i talk . Xbox have good things but the negative is a lot more , Their negatives kill gaming for me. I'm already bored of how shallow games are and MS makes it worst with spying kinect and stuff like that and that's the truth , you can't make something bad to good . Kinect is not for gaming and it's the reason the good exclusives in x360 stopped . Kinect is a great device but i would never use it for gaming , same with eye toy even though i like ps move but i still think it's not worth it...

I think i have opinion about xbox since i bought 2 360's . I still follow it's news because of the games. Titan fall is one of them which i'm interested in and hope it come to the ps4 as soon as possible ..

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mcstorm1565d ago

@N7Lukas I see what you are saying but there is more + than - points in Kinect 2 being sold with the One.
People seem to be forgetting that this is a different device to Kinect and it is more along the lines of what we were shown with Project Natal. Also if you look at the xbox one lineup you will see most of the games are there for core not family fun. I expect the family fun to come 18 month after the console has been on sale and the price comes down as the 360 and Kinect 1 will keep the none core happy for that long.

Because the One has Kinect on every console it will make developers look at different ways of using the device and they will also build some games around the device but keeping the controller as the main input. For example Steel battalion on the 360 was a great idea but you needed the ideal room setup for it to work where Kinect 2 could do this type of game better with less issues. Also adding voice commands to some games works well like sports games where you can change tactics, players ect without stopping the game. Games like project sparks also looks like it makes good use of Kinect 2 as well.

I know there is a lot of hate on here for Kinect and also the one but I remember how excited everyone was when we saw project Natal and the One with Kinect 2 is going to be the device that can deliver that type of gaming. Yes it is not for everyone just like Move, WiiU, Eye toy ect is not for everyone but it will be an option to use it or not but for me ide rather have the option to have it than not have the option at all.

N7Lukas1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Kinect will NEVER be able to make games as smooth and as playable as playing with a controller. The kinect games for 360 were HORRIBLE pre designated paths with minimal user input. I expect more of the same with Kinect "2.0". Only thing its good for is family fun games that get boring after an hour. Its a unnecessary gimmick.

And talking of gimmicks, anyone remember the Xbox Smartglass? LOL.

SexyGamerDude1565d ago

They could have still included Kinect in the box without requiring it to be hooked up to work.

mcstorm1565d ago

@N7Lukas Smart galss works and works very well with things like Netflix and xbox music so I don't see where you are coming from there.

Regarding Kinect it can add things to controller play just like the KI guys have said it knows when you swap controller with someone and can load there button setup and even fighter they like to use without going to the menu and like I said the voice side for Fifa 13 worked well for keeping you in the game rather than having to pause to make changes.

People like you are just to blind to see what I can do just like move can be good for some things but not others.

If you don't like it don't get it its as simple as that or if you do get it don't use it no one is forcing you but stop trying to be os negative over a device you have not even used yet.

N7Lukas1565d ago ShowReplies(2)
N7Lukas1565d ago

@ The Realness

I do own a 360, and a ps3, so what? I call people xbots for blindly disagreeing with me about choice. I don't care for kinect, if its not a replacement for the controller THEN MAKE IT OPTIONAL. Don't look at my post history, that's creepy.

SquillieDeeWilliams1564d ago

I don't think you know how to read so well bro... You sound like a broken record and never seem to listen to the explanation that people are clearly providing you...

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TheEnigma3131565d ago

Titanfall is what COD should be now. This game looks sick.