Pride Is Only Half The Prize offers all the major consoles for game play [on our site] from XBOX, XBOX360, PS2 and PS3. WorldGaming also offers a variety of the most popular titles in the world including Halo 2, Halo 3, Madden football, FIFA soccer, and much more. Once your match has been agreed upon, you are all set to game for the green. Immediately after your match is complete, your results will be automatically logged on the WorldGaming site and your records will be updated with your account balances reflecting your previous games results. You can challenge users in a variety of tournaments that other users have created and are ready for you to quickly join. If you are unable to find a match that suits your gaming preference, simply create your own match with your very own details and wait for someone to accept the challenge! So start adding members to your buddy list, form clans with your friends, and forge your relationships as you pave the way to becoming a legend in WorldGaming.Your opponent awaits, they're only an acceptance click hit that button!

The money is there for the taking, so sign up, deposit and pick up a controller because now pride is only half the prize.

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ProperFunked3600d ago

tho it is kinda like an ad...but it's still informative like the News should be. nice work =D, keep 'em coming