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Martin from Retro Joystick writes "Hello retro gamers, Retro Marty here and I’m back with my next top 5 list, this time focusing on a genre that is near and dear to my heart, the 1 on 1 fighter. Many of us like me will have fond memories of visiting an arcade when they were still around to play the latest and greatest fighters and prove that we could beat all comers with our dazzling array of moves, or was that just me? Without further ado, let’s see what made the cut."

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GodGinrai1755d ago

Virtua fighter is not on this list? booooo!

1755d ago
josephayal1755d ago

Sorry but SF4 is the best fighting game

CompadrePanchito1755d ago

No capcom vs snk 2... BLASPHEMY

1755d ago
ForNgoods1755d ago

in all fairness I think the list was pretty solid, other than sc2 (would have replaced with KI2).

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