Top 25 Games of This Generation

GamR Mag highlights the games that best define and celebrate this generation of video games.

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Thatguy-3101806d ago

Journey was truly an amazing remarkable experience.

Derekvinyard131805d ago

Replaying uncharted 2 now, such a fun game. Glad red dead is on this list to the ending is fantastic never thought a game would have the balls to do that to a player I was shocked. Need to play bioshock infinite next, nice list

Rchillis1805d ago

Thanks. We tried to appease everyone by including a bit of everything on here. Especially games that changed the mold, or did something unique that really utilized the technology boom of this generation.

1805d ago
Neixus1805d ago

Indeed, and i loved the seamless multiplayer in it. The fact you just randomly get connected with a stranger is so fun.
I remember playing with a stranger, we was on a bridge. I was going to get some food quick, took 5min. And he was there,waiting for me. He was afk, and i tried to move close to him, but then i pushed him off the bridge...
He had to walk all the way up again. The worst part is that you can't see the players names before the end, so i couldn't say sorry to him ;_;

RM-TatoTiburon1805d ago

i just bought journey in a bundle with The Unfinished Swan ($14.99 both) and i love it, wonderful game

1805d ago
Master of Unlocking1805d ago

How could anyone forget Little big planet 1 & 2 in a list of best games of this gen? C'mon! "Play, Create, Share", to my knowledge, that had never been done before, especially not in a platformer using REAL physics and one of the most adorable and iconic character ever conceived!

Rchillis1805d ago

Those are both worthy titles that you make a strong argument for. I loved LBP!