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Submitted by shancake 844d ago | rumor

Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2 Confirmed By Valve Leak

A picture taken of an internal change log at Valve has leaked Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2. (PC)

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maniacmayhem  +   844d ago
Oh hells yeah! Left 4 Dead has to be the most fun I have had this whole generation. I am really hoping for some more paths and more objectives.

I hope this is really true.
georgeenoob  +   844d ago
ANOTHER Xbox exclusive to be announced at Gamesom!
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HebrewHammer  +   844d ago
Doubtful buddy.
ExCest  +   844d ago
mattdillahunty  +   844d ago
first of all, it's going to be on PC no matter what, so it would never be exclusive to an Xbox console. second, what makes you think it won't come to PS3/4? Valve publishes the game, and they've been working with Sony lately. i really can't see L4D3 (if/when it comes out) being on Xbox and not Playstation, or vice versa.
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zeal0us  +   844d ago
I doubt L4D this time around on console will be exclusive to the Xbox Platform.

Hopefully mod support will come to the console platform this time.
B-radical  +   844d ago
It will release on Pc aswell so its best to say microsoft exclusive although mac and linux was able to play it also
Crazay  +   844d ago
I really and truly hope you're right but somehow, and I've said this for AGES now, I see Left 4 Dead 3 hitting PS4 exclusively for a set period of time. Just a gut feeling I have after Gabe came out sheepishly a few years ago at E3 at the Sony presser. I see Steam coming to PS4 and L4D3 being at the forefront of that...
FlameHawk  +   844d ago
Lol I love how george is always going on about Sony trolls and he is one of the biggest trolls here.
Valve and Sony have a WAAAAY better relationship than Valve and Microsoft.
Plagasx  +   844d ago
lol no
spartanlemur  +   844d ago
It won't be, but even still, what's so good about exclusives?

Do you derive pleasure from knowing that millions of other gamers who bought a near-identical console from a different brand will be miserable as a result of being denied the ability to play games which you can?
SilentNegotiator  +   844d ago
I would eat my hat.
Rifkens   844d ago | Bad language | show
itBourne  +   844d ago
Honestly, I hope they do more things like portal, for competitive play cross pc/console isnt right, but for co-op had a blast on portal 2 playing with console buddies. Its an awesome idea, and I know Sony is more open to this kind of stuff over Microsoft, so I hope we see more!

Was the same with how Epic added community mods to Unreal Tourny on ps3, unfortunately it wasnt that popular, hope it happens again and catches fire, because there are a lot of great things the console is missing! Honestly if it wasnt for Sony's first party stable I wouldnt even own a console.
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SpideySpeakz  +   844d ago
IF so, it'll be yet another TIMED EXCLUSIVE.
That's all it's good for.
Wizziokid  +   844d ago
Most likely this will be multiform, L4D was only exclusive because at that point Valve didn't like the PS3.
DeadlyFire  +   844d ago
Exclusive? Highly unlikely.

Was only exclusive to X360 due to developers not wanting to touch the PS3. EA had to outsource development on Orange box to someone else to get PS3 version in there.

This time around PS4/X1, and PC have the same code. Porting to either of those should be seemless experience with smaller issues between the playforms.
mikeslemonade  +   844d ago
Finally it took them like 10 years for them to make an entirely new engine.
edgeofsins  +   844d ago
Valve said Portal 2 on Playstation 3 was the best version of Portal on consoles. They even included Portal 2 for steam with the PS3 version via a code. Live restricted them too much just to update their games so they decided PSN was a better method for developers to express themselves.
grimmweisse  +   844d ago
One bubble george, man I missed you! You must of been trolling elsewhere!
BlaqMagiq24  +   844d ago
You're an idiot if you think its going to be an Xbox One exclusive.
gaffyh  +   844d ago
@grimm - He was off creating a million alternative accounts which seem to have been banned.
HugoDrax  +   844d ago
Damn you got 177 disagrees lol. Next time say "Another Sony exclusive" and those odds will be in your favor. Still I wonder why the disagrees when Left 4 Dead has always been released on Microsoft platforms?

Only time will tell....Will MS fork over millions to secure exclusivity? "Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-Time, same Bat-channel!"
mantell   844d ago | Spam
LogicStomper  +   844d ago
I really don't see why people care that one console gets it and the other doesn't. Sure it gives another reason to get said console, but isn't it better if everyone can enjoy it?
awi5951  +   844d ago
This game will suck on console anyway. The mods on PC were so good. The weapons mods, the counterstike like buy system mod that was put it. The custom maps, characters, hell they modded in all the maps from Left 4 dead one. Custom missions and multiplayer maps someone even made a hord mode mod. There also was a leveling system that was modded in. I loved playing multiplayer and being on the infected team. And saving up my points to spawn a tank or hord to send after the survivors it was so much fun lol.
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Enemy  +   844d ago
Here comes multiplatform Left 4 Dead 3. Tears will flow.
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   844d ago
Seriously, who brings up a Xbox when talking about Valve? Valve is first and foremost a PC gaming company.
HugoDrax  +   844d ago

"Seriously, who brings up a Xbox when talking about Valve? Valve is first and foremost a PC gaming company."

Well I'll be happy to answer your question. Being that both Mike Harrington and Gabe Newell, founder/co founder of Valve worked for Microsoft for 14 years, it's understandable that Xbox could be brought up in a Valve article referring to a franchise that was only released for Microsofts console, PC + MAC. From my understanding they both founded Valve in the 90's after leaving Microsoft.

So with that being said, it's understandable why Left 4 Dead was previously released on XBOX and not PS3. Does that mean that it won't arrive on PS4 this time around? No it doesn't, but it's a good chance it could remain only on Microsoft's console instead of Sony's platform. I personally enjoyed playing the game more on PC/MAC, but I'm sure it will be just as fun if its released for both XB1/PS4. Which I'll own both so I'm not concerned about exclusivity, I'm just concerned with finding time to enjoy all the games I currently own and the next gen titles releasing soon.

Anyhow, we will see what the future holds for this franchise, as Valve needs to hurry up with releasing Half Life 3 instead lol.
ApolloTheBoss  +   844d ago
A 3? Is Valve trying to destroy the world?
Heisenburger  +   844d ago
Well it would destroy at least.... half...
mep69  +   844d ago
In before you get a dislike. Must be a record to see someone on here with 28 agrees and 0 disagrees :O
Linsolv  +   844d ago
And it's not Half Life... >_>
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   844d ago
i never really liked the shooting in this game feels weird or am i the only one? jw
Spinal  +   844d ago
Your the only one.

The shooting is the same as most shooters difference is this game is more fun lol. And it's probably one of the best co op experiences of all games.
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StoutBEER  +   844d ago
@Matt What do you mean Valve has been working with Sony lately? Don't have a problem with it just link you're source, curious what they have been working on.
Kryptix  +   844d ago

He means that Valve are now happy to be working with Sony in general. If Left 4 Dead 3 is coming to consoles, it will be on both, the PS4 and Xbox One. And knowing them, they'll love to utilize the cross platform feature just like you could play Portal 2 on the PS3 with PC players.
Doctor_Freeman  +   844d ago
"Xbox exclusive"

This is Valve we're talking about.

They let everyone enjoy their games(most of them).
RmanX1000  +   844d ago
valve CAN count to 3...
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Bruce_Wayne  +   844d ago
Only sometimes.
SexyGamerDude  +   844d ago
Half Life 3 confirmed?!?!
RockmanII7  +   844d ago
edgeofsins  +   844d ago
They should Release Portal 3, Half Life 3, and Left4Dead3 together. The "3 Bundle" and when they announce it they say, "Yes. We can count to 3".
MsMcClever  +   844d ago
@edgeofsins They can release a bundle and call if Orange Box 2.
Timesplitter14  +   844d ago
pacostacos  +   844d ago
noyce... so now we can speculate will this come to consoles like L4d1 and l4d2!? and if so will it just be xbox like last gen or Ps as well or just Ps!? im guessing everybody get the game this time
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CommonSense  +   844d ago
well now that Sony and MS are using virtually the same hardware, I see no reason why it wouldn't be on both.
pacostacos  +   844d ago
im thinkin the whole direct x thing makin it easier to move between pc and xbox as opposed to ps using open gl. it could lead to xbox having timed exclusivity until valve makes the linux version of the game if its not ready at launch... maybe
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Mkai28  +   844d ago
I see it as well, they sold 3.30mil for left 4 dead and 3.64mil for left 4 dead 2.. I think they could use the sales on all platforms.. It's just CommonSense..
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Rivitur  +   844d ago
Valve- Portal 2 360 and PS3
Valve- CSGO 360 and PS3

There is 0 % chance this will be an exclusive.

Also l4d2 title update coming for 360 for anyone interested.
MrTrololo  +   844d ago
YES !! Finally valve can count to 3 already
pandehz  +   844d ago

Delayed indefinitely
chrispseuphoria  +   844d ago
Hopefully this is coming to PS4...
XtraTrstrL  +   844d ago
Hopefully Source 2 keeps up with other Next Gen engines on the visuals.
CommonSense  +   844d ago
Source 1 keeps up with "next gen" engines on visuals.

Look at Titanfall. Source 2 will probably be one of the best engines out there.
dontbhatin  +   844d ago
Ive seen Titanfall. Eventhough im impressed by what i see, it is not next gen status graphically.
#6.1.1 (Edited 844d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(12) | Report
Mkai28  +   844d ago
Perhaps, but Titan Fall will look beautiful running at 60fps.. As long as L4D3 will still be fun with the co-op play, then that's what mostly matters..
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JunioRS101  +   844d ago
I preordered a PS4, but even I can admit that this might very well be an Xbox exclusive... I hope not, but that's how it was for the first 2 Left 4 Deads.

You mother F*CKERS lol but I wanna be a zombieeeee :{
TheFallenAngel  +   844d ago
You're not missing out on much.
Neixus  +   844d ago
why do you seem so sure about that? The last game from valve on consoles, is Portal 2. Which had miles better support than Xbox version.
Heck, they gave you an extra code that you could give to a friend on PC and play together, cross platform. And they even updated it to work with ps move.
Rivitur  +   844d ago
Last game was CSGO not an exclusive either. Only MS exclusive for Valve was l4d and l4d2 but that's because of Gabe hating PS3 after the patch up they released Portal 2 and have no problems with Sony.
JunioRS101  +   844d ago
Dude, when people say 'exclusive' they're talking about CONSOLE exclusives (usually).

I'm saying it might not come to PS4.

Personally, I don't really care if it comes to PC because my friends play on consoles, which is where I also play most of the time.

Yes, this may be an unfortunate situation for only me, but that's kind of what I was trying to get at with my original comment. Sorry.
snake_eater  +   844d ago
Rest assured you will be playing l4d3 on your ps4.

Remember when gabe walked on stage to announce portal 2 for the ps3 at e3?
JunioRS101  +   844d ago
Even though you're some random guy on the internet, this comment leaves me with a strange sense of peace lol

I certainly hope you're right, snake_eater. God bless you if you are.
NiteX  +   844d ago
Let me know when it's something important, like HL3.
CommonSense  +   844d ago
and clicked the article, and took the time to troll it.
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UnHoly_One  +   844d ago
Not to mention L4D is better than Half Life could ever hope to be.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   844d ago

Whoa, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Lol you don't want to repeat that elsewhere..
UnHoly_One  +   844d ago
lol, thanks for your concern, but I've always said that and I stand by it.

Half Life is a mediocre shooter at best, L4D is amazing. It's no contest.

Of course that is all my opinion, but I just fail to see anything about Half Life that makes it stand above the hundreds of other run of the mill shooters out there.
Pintheshadows  +   844d ago
My opinion of your opinion UhHoly is that it sucks thoroughly for you to have that opinion.

If you have actually played through Half Life, Half Life 2 and both their additions you'd know why it stands out above the other 'run of the mill shooters'.

It isn't 'a run of the mill shooter'. What other series can you think of that offers the Gravity Gun?

And as much as I like L4D calling Half Life run of the mill and not L4D is insanely hypocritical. After all, how diluted has the industry been this gen with games that feature zombies as the antagonists?

Trying to play down Half Life is like trying to play down Deus Ex. You just don't do it. Certainly not in public.
UnHoly_One  +   844d ago
lol, well I appreciate your counter-opinion.

I'm sorry, I tried Half Life, I thought it was generic and bland. I never tried Half Life 2 because even if it was better I wouldn't have wanted to pick up the story in the middle.

Saying L4D is run of the mill just because it has zombies in it is an oversimplification, however. Yes there are tons of Zombie games out there, but lots of them are very very different experiences.

I could say Halo sucks because there are a ton of games where you fight aliens, or Uncharted sucks because there are a bunch of games where you shoot people, but that obviously doesn't make any sense because they are all very different games.

L4D is great because it was something different and unique. The randomization of the levels was something that was new and added a ton of replayability. And the Vs. multiplayer was unique and different than anything else out there.
CommonSense  +   843d ago
Half Life 2 is hardly a mediocre shooter. If it's not good, everything else is garbage.
Transporter47  +   844d ago
Valve can count to 3!!!

Half Life 3 Confirmed
Crazay  +   844d ago
My friends and I are comping at the bit to get more L4D goodness...It's actually THE ONLY game to hold our atention for more than a few months. We still play it every Sunday on XBL and I gotta say, the game is buggier than Timmon and Poombah's crap these days. It's laggy, the game crashes to valve load screen, you can get stuck in odd locations before you spawn in as Special infected and I've even been the tank that spawned over the creek in Swamp fever in the last few days.

I just hope that whatever console it hits, they support it better with more maps, real deadlines and community driven maps.
dontbhatin  +   844d ago
Thats why you play it on PC. Its shit on Xbox
MidnytRain  +   844d ago
Event the PC version has it's fair share of odd glitches. Am I the only one who's seen a player fall through the floor on an elevator?
dontbhatin  +   844d ago
I guess so cause i havent seen it in my 100+ hours
Crazay  +   843d ago
I've seen people fall through the floor of elevators...many times on PC. And a few times on Xbox a long time ago. Mind you, I've logged a hell of a lot more than 100hrs into fact, i shudder to think of how much time was sunk into it.
Hazmat13  +   844d ago
hey internet, i got L4D 1 and 2 on mac.
Plagasx  +   844d ago
Awwww I wanted HL3 :(
DeadlyFire  +   844d ago
Well Source 2.0 you would imagine that Half-Life 3 would debut it.

So I would hang on to that thought until at least December. Valve will debut a new game for 2014 sometime soon I am betting.
ginsunuva  +   844d ago
No not this sh!tty mindless tasteless zombie game that retailed for $60 when it should have been $20. Especially that disgraceful sequel that came out less than a year after the first at full price.

No effort put into these games whatsoever, unlike valve's other games.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   844d ago
Yet they sell 10x as much as other Valve games. I played the free demo on PC a long time ago, really did not understand the love it gained from gamers. Funny, I own every Valve game on Steam but this series.
DeadlyFire  +   844d ago
They are fun.

More would could have been put into the games sure, but its simple and fun to most people.
JeepGamer  +   844d ago
Left 4 Dead.

Borderlands 2.

Combine the idea behind L4D with the huge environments and variety of Borderlands 2. The results if done properly could be awesome.
#14 (Edited 844d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Plagasx  +   844d ago
JeepGamer  +   844d ago
I'm just speculating what could be, not what is.
spartanlemur  +   844d ago
So we get a whole trilogy of Left 4 Dead games starting a year after episode 2 and still we hear nothing of Half Life 3?
I hope Valve aren't trolling and that they'll release the game as part of the Orange Box 2, along with HL3 and something small and new.
Trago1337  +   844d ago
RachelNSmith   844d ago | Spam
WitWolfy  +   844d ago
The one thing I hate about L4D on consoles is the price doesnt warrant a purchase. Playing the same four stages kinda gets old after a while.. Then to make matters worse we need to pay for addon DLCs to extend the game's life where PC gamers get it for free...
#17 (Edited 844d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pandamobile  +   844d ago
Blame Microsoft for that one.
WitWolfy  +   844d ago
Yeah no doubt, but it makes it pointless to buy this game at full retail if you dont get the same perks as its PC counterpart.

Damn greedy M$ policies.
ghostrider32  +   844d ago
Valve learned how to count to three? Let me go check Hell's temperature.
WitWolfy  +   844d ago
LOL!!! I see what you did there ;)
Sharon01   844d ago | Spam
windblowsagain  +   844d ago
FFS valve. I don't give a rats ass about portal.

If you haven't got the resource to do HL3, hire more people or have another team do it. Hopefully with a much updated Source engine.
gaelic_laoch  +   844d ago
Valve should have NO EXCUSES not to bring L4D3 to PS4 this time round!
CapsLocke  +   844d ago
Screw PS4, we're talking about HL3 and L4D3 here.
Hitman0769  +   844d ago
Gamers rejoice! Valve smash your heads into a wall. xD

Seriously though, big companies like this usually don't love leaks half as much as we do. Hopefully this was a timed leak so Gabe doesn't cancel it just to spite us all. xD

jay2  +   844d ago
L4D3 o yeah!
_FantasmA_  +   844d ago
This game would actually do better on PS3/PS4 than on any M$box because of keyboard + mouse control, mods, and free online. I remember when Valve was pissed at Sony for making the system expensive and hard to make games for but then they saw the light and then got pissed at M$. PSN is slowly turning into Steam for consoles so I hope they work together. Great minds should think alike. Oh and Xbots? Don't get your hopes up. You can't claim a game as exclusive if its on PC.
christocolus  +   844d ago
about it being xbox one exclusive i highly doubt that except ms is able to strike a very good deal with valve,but with regards to your comment the game actually did well on the xbox 360 without the keyboard and mouse and it was a CONSOLE exclusive for xbox 360 except you consider pcs to be a gaming consoles.
_FantasmA_  +   844d ago
Its not exclusive if its on PC. Oh now you are using the world console exclusive?? Nobody uses that word, its either exclusive or its not. It can't be exclusive if its available on more than one platform. Thats like saying your girlfriend is faithful to you and another guy.
Saddam_hussein  +   844d ago
Online isn't free anymore Hun
_FantasmA_  +   843d ago
Yeah it is sweetie. PS4 isn't even out yet. If this comes to PS3 it will be free. Stay dead cause you suck at fighting console wars.
christocolus  +   843d ago
When ms and sony brag about games being exclusive i doubt it includes pcs. sony has games exclusive to the playtstation which are also on pc.Most console gamers will always buy their games on consoles and pc games do not compare .pc game sales do not really hurt console game sales and thats why its not really regarded that way..i do not want to go into specifics but thats the truth...
o-Sunny-o  +   844d ago
OMG L4D3!! ONLY REASON 360 WAS GOOD TO ME!! IT NEEDS 2 COME 2 PS4!!! please Valve please Valve please!
CapsLocke  +   844d ago
L4D on console. Lol.
DeadManV  +   844d ago
Does Microsoft make money from games that are on PC? If not then games that are available on PC and Xbox are not exclusive.
nick309  +   844d ago
Half life 3 officially dead /:
CrusRuss  +   844d ago
About time valve made another game. I really love valve's games
JasonXS12  +   844d ago
What if Valve announces Orange Box 2 with Left 4 Dead 3, Half Life 3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3 and Ricochet 2.......

On topic: I don't know how Valve are going to improve on L4D2 but they always find a way to make things better. And I really this is real.
e-p-ayeaH  +   844d ago
Not sure if this is relevant anymore.
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