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PS Vita Firmware 2.60 Out for Download

Sony's released a new firmware update for the PS Vita, bumping up the version count to 2.60. (PS Vita, Sony)

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Eireplayr  +   256d ago
Thanks, I would have never knew this :D
MonaTLopez   256d ago | Spam
ZodTheRipper  +   256d ago
I found it out by myself because I wanted to play online. Great update imo, especially the fact that I can turn on/off WLAN by holding the PS-button ...this was really inconvenient before.
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Kingthrash360  +   256d ago
...update in progress....
GribbleGrunger  +   256d ago
Anti-aliased bubbles!
George Sears  +   256d ago
This plus the annoying bug when you try to download something off PS store seems to be fixed. Tried downloading three different things off PS store and my Vita didn't get the endless loop when trying to start the download.

One of the best updates so far!
GdaTyler  +   256d ago
That happens to you too? I thought I was the only one, lol.
FunAndGun  +   256d ago
same here...didn't know that was something that happens to others.
dcj0524  +   256d ago
Same. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.
Aceman18  +   256d ago
yea i got that also lol, glad they fixed it.
buckley  +   255d ago
Thank GOD. That was becoming really irritating.
Jac5al  +   255d ago
It's not fixed for me. It froze when I bough Rayman Origins.
Heisenburger  +   256d ago
Hell yeah! I love them bubbles now!
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   256d ago
I liked the bubbles the way they were, but oh well.
Cam977  +   255d ago
Why did they change the bubbles?
MikEyG  +   255d ago
I would have never noticed that but i'll be dam*ed
Gamesgbkiller  +   256d ago
Now this is a good update.
buynit  +   256d ago
Is it really? Did we need an update to move blutooth under devices?
The_Truth_24_7  +   256d ago
Yes we did. Now STFU.
Gamesgbkiller  +   256d ago
I said good not GREAT.
Heisenburger  +   256d ago
The. Bubbles. Are. Better.

Now make like a tree and gtfo.
buynit  +   256d ago
Ok... I guess everyone needed that Bluetooth feature moved to another location. Sorry I got all your panties twisted up...
kB0  +   256d ago
Prob just for VHBL:)

Usually I update, but this time I'm keeping it till September/oct!
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TamikaCBull   256d ago | Spam
paul-p1988  +   256d ago
It mentioned in the changelog (well, the one on Wikipedia, i've yet to update mine) that it blocks the hole in the PSN game that VHBL was due to run from, so yup that exploit has gone.
xxPillsxx  +   256d ago
YES! It's been a while... hope this update is good :)
GreenRanger  +   256d ago
Press square in the browser to make a pointer appear on the screen.
Williamson  +   256d ago
Pretty awesome update! Love the easy access plus storage and adding network/Bluetooth options to the quick menu(when you hold the PS button down)
thebigman  +   256d ago
Yeah the screen looks slick, but I'm just happy the bubbles are anti-aliased now
Cryptcuzz  +   256d ago
I am loving the AA bubbles now as well.

When was that known to be coming? It must have flew right under my radar and the change log did not mention the AA during update either.

Redempteur  +   255d ago
the factthat you can send your save direct from the game page to the psn could is great ...BUT

Streaming my vids directly from my computer to my vita is just too awesome.
AbortMission  +   256d ago
My Vita just crashed after downloading the update. I've been hearing similar reports from other users in this Vita forum that I frequent... this may be another system-damaging update like on the PS3 a few months back
thebigman  +   256d ago
Worked fine for me. Either you're trolling or it's an isolated incident
Cryptcuzz  +   256d ago
Yes, it seems like he's trolling alright.

If not, why did he mention this: "This may be another system-damaging update"

Man the extent some people would go in attempting to downplay anything nowadays.
AbortMission  +   256d ago
LOL Just because I said it MAY be a system damaging update?? Did you not hear about the PS3s being bricked because of those firmware updates? Woh, sorry for being scared $hitless that my Vita almost became a brick. What a stupid kid
Xof  +   256d ago
He's trolling.

Everyone knows the only software updates that destroy whole systems are from Adobe.
andibandit  +   255d ago
Judging from his comments in general, he actually seems like a pro vita person.....it seems this is just a case of sdf being to aggressive
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wynams  +   256d ago
worked flawlessly for me (updated over home wifi)
AbortMission  +   256d ago
Why the hell would I be trolling about this?
G20WLY  +   256d ago
lol we don't know - why don't you explain?
MoonConquistador  +   255d ago
If you weren't trolling, why didn't you mention the fact that it didn't brick your Vita in your first post then, we had to wait til your second to find that it "almost did".

You said it crashed, and it may be a system damaging update, but you never went on to explain that in fact it didn't, it was just a crash.

Yes, we hear about these system crashes all the time after updates, but if everyone comes on like you do and detail that your system crashed only for it to be all right, then don't you see you're actually part of the problem.

Go post on Microsofts website everytime windows crashes on you, what a fantastic forum thread that will be.
Minato-Namikaze  +   256d ago
You could restore that PS3 update. Systems were fine
ShinnokDrako  +   256d ago
Worked perfectly here. Am i the only one that never had any problem with updates? Mh... well, lucky me!
Aceman18  +   256d ago
hmm i just updated my system and its rocking along swimmingly.
StevenvEekeren  +   256d ago
I downloaded the update last night. Started noticing a bit of lag in menus so I turned it off and back on but it would'nt turn on. My Vita is bricked now. Nothing I do will get it to turn on.
So I believe you and don't think you're trolling.
dontbhatin  +   255d ago
maybe charge your vita?
1nsomniac  +   255d ago
Yes he's trolling, a simple google search shows that unlike the PS3 issues when they occur forums everywhere are filled with reports within seconds. There is no one else posting problems with this update anywhere.
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andibandit  +   255d ago
Ill do you one better.....a simple search thru his comments reveals no trolling against the Vita, in fact it would seems quite the opposite.
1nsomniac  +   255d ago
...Not really, how do you work that out?

He says lots of other people in other forums are reporting the same problem, I've searched Google for vita 2.60 firmware problem & found not a single one.
xxPillsxx  +   256d ago
Woosh! Just updated my Vita and dayum! This update is awesome! Anti aliased bubble, now my HomeScreen doesn't look ugly anymore! And that quick plus save data upload/download is so damn ... quick! The PS Store download stucks seem to be fixed too, this update sure is awesome!
tarbis  +   256d ago
Tried streaming videos from my pc to ps vita. I worked nicely. ^o^
RachelNSmith   256d ago | Spam
memots  +   255d ago
How ?
tarbis  +   254d ago
Through wifi. Place the vid that you like (mp4 format only) on your PS Vita folder on your pc. Connect to wifi then access folder using your ps vita video app.
The loading speed will depend on your internet bandwidth and file size.
jon1234  +   256d ago
i must be psychic, i never check the update button on the vita, but tonight for what ever reason i check it... AND TA DA! then i come on here and sure enough... i scare myself
Magaman  +   256d ago
Now if only we could remove the pre installed junk
Bowzabub  +   256d ago
Shouldn't be hard..just remove them in an update and put the apps in the store or download list. Would think so anyhow.
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jon1234  +   256d ago
@magaman some day...

Related image(s)
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Sa925   256d ago | Spam
Mr_Writer85  +   256d ago
I've not noticed any difference with the bubbles...
JaniceJWatkins   256d ago | Spam
born2live  +   256d ago
The difference is that now, you can upload your save directly on the cloud using the Plus icon in the LiveArea of your game, instead of having to copy the whole bubble on your PC (which usually takes much more space as it includes updates and saves - and the game itself, if you downloaded it from the PS Store). Nice little feature, although I would also like to have the possibility of copying the save only on my PC...
xYakuzaz  +   256d ago
You can now hide trophy lists if you sucks, takes the point away from what i've been doing the last year
corvusmd  +   255d ago
Isn't this the update that added more DRM restrictions, or was that last one?
Y_5150  +   255d ago
Yes people, there are people out there that can be this dumb. Sorry pal, this was facepalm worthy. :P
timzone  +   255d ago
Good solid update. Well done Sony :)
remanutd55  +   255d ago
Now if San Diego Studio brings wheel to wheel online multiplayer to ModNation Racers Road Trip would be fantastic news, heck that would be EPIC news!!!!
gamingisnotacrime  +   255d ago
cool update

my vita already had it downloaded by the time i found out about it (PS+)

like the new tweaks big time!!!
JillHoff4   255d ago | Spam
memots  +   255d ago
bu bu bu ... Sony has abandon Teh Vita.

Seriously with all the article posted on n4g on how the vita was abandon by Sony and its dead ect... wonder why Sony even bother with a firmware update
Shad0wRunner  +   255d ago
Why would people want to "hide trophy activity" from their friends? Sounds like a stupid addition to the feature list, to me. Just like when we got a firmware update on the PS3 that allowed us to turn off the trophy notifications. Are people seriously ASKING for these things? o_O

Anyway...glad the Vita is getting some much needed attention.
lonelygoner  +   255d ago
this kind of updates is what vita needs. hope sony has a good showing of the vita at gamescom
vegetassj51  +   255d ago
The search engine in the web browser now uses the real Google and not that crappy one.

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