Ultra HDTV: Gaming's Next Frontier

The [a]list daily: "Television programming is undergoing a revolution, with Netflix being nominated for Emmys and even Amazon preparing original programming. Apple and Google are continuing attempts at changing the way people view TV, even while digital media is poised to see more viewer time than TV. Meanwhile, the last great innovation that would sell zillions of TVs – 3D – has crashed and burned as consumers decide they don't care to pay extra for it. Sony alone has lost over $8.5 billion in television manufacturing over the past decade, and other TV makers aren't doing great, either.

All of this may be about to change, as the next great innovation in TV looks like it may arrive far faster than anyone suspected."

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FrigidDARKNESS1841d ago

4k gaming is a big leap over 1080p however the new frontier is 8k gaming.

iamnsuperman1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Nope. It will not be. Honestly how many of us can say we can notice the difference between an 8K TV and a 1080p TV on a 32-40inch screen? (I say that size as they are the most common size for a living room) I don't because LED TVs have made TVs look very sharp. These extra definition TVs only work with large screens which is best suited for thinks like the cinema or out door events. Not on a consumer level. 1080p is perfect for a 32-40inch TV. Any more in unnecessary. Put that resource back into gameplay mechanics

orakle441840d ago

Have you seen a 4k tv in person? I've seen a 4k 42" tv side by side to a 240hz 1080p led tv and there is def. a noticeable difference. Besides i would also think the average tv size for living rooms is between 40-50 inch (atleast everyone that i know has that size) and by your accounts it would only benefit more for the 4k. I dont really buy into your 1080p is enough argument, because if that was true we would still be stuck with 420p tvs, "welp, its good good enough, any more is unnecessary".

jensen861840d ago

na id say 50"s are about standard now n as the price goes down on tvs ppl are guna go bigger n bigger. so by 3years time 4k gaming will defo be needed i could do wiv it now tbh

MidnytRain1840d ago

It's still a moot point. The kind of hardware you'd need to play modern 4k games at high frame rates is expensive anyway. It's gonna be a while. Everything else has to catch up as well.

ala_7671840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Most parts of the world are new to 3D HDTV.... 4KTV might take long time to make it widespread everywhere

JBSleek1840d ago

4K and 8K means new disk formats and that is always a hassle to build up your collection again.

Minute Man 7211840d ago

Maybe 8K but not 4k. Remember PS4 and X1 are 4K compatible with a BR drive, I think it can read a 200 GB disc

Zodiac1840d ago

I'm waiting for Ultra Super, 30K. 4K is weak.

thebudgetgamer1840d ago

This television goes to eleven.

hennessey861840d ago

You need a GTX Titan to game in 4k, it just seems a distant technology to me and you an garuntee that about a year after you buy your 4k tv, the next leap will be being touted and when you have just dropped a couple of grand on the tv the last thing you want to hear is its already outdated.

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