Don Bradman Cricket 14 heading to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

MMGN: Tru Blu Entertainment's Cricket 14 has become Don Bradman Cricket 14.

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FanboyCrusher1749d ago

Um? Alright, I guess? Anybody actually getting this?

showtimefolks1749d ago

I am sounds great 4 years of development I ope means quality game

Ashes also coming out in November

FanboyCrusher1749d ago

$ years in development, not being developed on for 4 years. Completely different things. That would be cool if it was 4 years, I just don't see how this game would even make it with that much effort. Cricket seriously doesn't have a big enough fanbase to be interested in a console/PC game. I'd like them to be successful, I just don't see it happening.

showtimefolks1749d ago


you are wrong on so many levels its quite funny/sad at the same time

cricket is the 2nd most watched sports after soccer, oh in india alone there are over a billion cricket fans. Their stars are treated like Royalty

there is a huge world outside of USA my friend don't be so close minded.

your most famous sports NFL is the least famous sports world wide, now basketball is catching on like fire


That's the order of my famous/watched sports in the world, no where in there is NFL,NBA or MLB

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B-radical1749d ago

Don bradman is an aussie treasure! Show respect ahah

ps4geek1749d ago

He's the treasure of the whole cricketing world . Period

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urwifeminder1749d ago

The Don what a master great to see I wonder if his family trust approved this awesome will get.

showtimefolks1749d ago

i agree also 4 years of development and community roster updates could be huge

finally a proper cricket game with proper career mode

ps4geek1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

For guys who aren't into cricket and unaware of this game ! This is huge .. Sir Don Bradman is for cricket what Michael Jordan is for basketball , what Federer is for tennis and so on !!

Can't wait to buy the game ! Day one ..

BozoLoco1749d ago

Let's not forget it's Big Ant developing this, the same company that did the AFL games.

Although, Cricket is much easier to turn into a game.

1749d ago
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