‘Dragon’s Crown’ Receives Australian & New Zealand Release Date

Namco Bandai Games Australia has confirmed the Australian and New Zealand release date of the PlayStation exclusive Dragon’s Crown on their official Facebook page.

The recent North American released 2D fantasy RPG will release in ANZ on October 17. The title will release on both PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and will contain Cross-Save functionality. However the game doesn’t offer a Cross-Buy option, so players must buy copy for both consoles to utilise the Cross-Save features.

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TongkatAli1810d ago

This is going to sell out so fast.

1810d ago
YoungKingDoran1810d ago

Aw man... October?
Well, I am thankful I'm getting it at all I suppose, unlike muramasa rebirth not being released here.

YoungKingDoran1810d ago

I want to!
But unlike the ps3, changing regions on the Vita is a bitch and any muramasa and dragons crown DLC won't work with my PAL version.

jessupj1810d ago

I wonder why it's gonna take so long.

Maybe they have to censor the boobs so my stupid government won't ban it.