Game of the Year? Bioshock Infinite vs The Last of Us

Every year around this time this topic usually comes up, as most of the big names have been released and played by many people. Opinions have formed and decisions have been made, so I’m going to give my opinion on the matter and talk about the games that I think should be the Game of the Year.

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xHeavYx1837d ago

TLOU for me, but the year isn't over yet, GTA V will be a serious contender

DragonKnight1837d ago

How do you know that GTA V will be a serious contender when you haven't even played it yet?

xHeavYx1837d ago

@ Dragon
Are you seriously asking that question?

AirJohnston1837d ago

@DragonKnight I would say that it's a pretty safe assumption based off of their track record. But TLOU is my favorite game ever so I'm not counting on anything passing it up for a long, long time for me.

DragonKnight1837d ago

To those people dumbfounded by me asking the question, let me just bring something up for you.


And if you don't understand what that means, I'm sorry but there is no hope left.

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georgeenoob1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


That's funny cause GTA IV won GOTY. Lol probably the dumbest post I've read.

Edit: Like Uncharted 2 right? Yet another dumb post. You act like your opinion is the only one that matters.

DragonKnight1837d ago

@georgenoob: That's funny, because a lot of games won GOTY last year, and didn't deserve it.

Also, I don't see how my post can be the dumbest post you've ever read when there are so many of your own posts you have to read before hitting post.

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Hicken1837d ago

I see what DragonKnight is getting at: GTA IV was pretty overrated. And there's no guarantee that what happened before won't happen again.

Apollo11837d ago

I have a feeling, that GTA V will be GOTY :)

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N4g_null1837d ago

Bio shock if I only had those to choose

reko1837d ago


your opinion matters? since when?

Xbox2312311837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

TLOU GOTY as a single player driven game with an unforgettable gaming experience, and unforgettable characters

GTA V GOTY as an overall fun game you will play the next time.

Both are / will be the best games we have seen ever. (I dont think GTA V will be disappoiting)

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jdktech20101837d ago

I just finished Bioshock Infinite and while I enjoyed it and had more can't stop playing sessions than I did the Last Of Us (single player anyway), The Last of Us was the better and more memorable experience for me plus the multiplayer is surprisingly excellent.

Neither is a bad game though

desertpunk861837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

both,until gta5 comes around and then...bang!3 games of the year could this be 1998 again...naaaaaa.

DragonKnight1837d ago

To quote Highlander... THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

And it's The Last of Us.

desertpunk861837d ago

to quote every kung fu master...never underestimate your enemy!

and its GTA5.

DragonKnight1837d ago

To quote common sense, you cannot judge what you have not played.

It's still The Last of Us.

desertpunk861837d ago

to quote real common sense,its rockstar their track record it nearly flawless.

GTA5 it is still #1 contender for game of the year!

dark-hollow1837d ago


"You cannot judge what you have not played"

So you played GTA V to reach to the conclusion that TLOU is better?

DragonKnight1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

@desertpunk86: GTA IV says otherwise.

@dark-hollow: Take that very question you asked and reverse the names of the games and get back to me.

**EDIT** And I'm actually slightly wrong. There are instances where you CAN judge a game before you've played it, but that only happens when you've already literally scene so much of the game that playing it is a formality to gauge the experience for yourself. That hasn't happened with GTA V yet. And even still, GTA IV proved you can't just take a GTA game at face value and expect it to be amazing.

NateCole1837d ago

nothing is certain. gta5 could suck like gta4. You never know until you play it.

dark-hollow1837d ago


You're the one who claimed one is already better than the other, not me!
Even though one of them didn't get released yet.

DragonKnight1837d ago

@dark-hollow: I never said you made that claim, I'm merely pointing out that your attempt to diffuse my comment can be reversed. Anyway, as of right now my front runner is TLOU and I place no faith in GTA V and neither should anyone else. GTA IV was terrible. But let's just forget that because we want GTA V to be great and Rockstar can't fail... even though they already did once.

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dcj05241837d ago

*looks around nervously* um......n-n-Ni No Kuni:Wrath of The White Witch? *runs out the room*

Stsonic1837d ago

Good show sir, good show.

goldwyncq1837d ago

Ni No Kuni was great and all, but compared to the likes of Bioshock Infinite and the Last of Us, it's nothing. Those two games are on a completely different level.

TheDivine1837d ago

Def pick Ni No Kuni, Fire Emblem Awakening, or SMT4. All three are far better games IMO. As good as TLoU was it was a mass market shooter like a million others. Ni No Kuni was wholly original. I got 3/4 of the way through TLoU and got bored, it wasn't really fun. SMT4 I CAN'T put down. That's the difference.