XSEED teasing new game, could be a Senran Kagura game

XSEED is teasing a new game reveal. The company posted a message on Twitter, which doesn't give a whole lot away, but a discovery may narrow down the possible titles.

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izumo_lee1805d ago

I don't know if this is a good idea. As much as i loved playing Senran Kagura Vs., we already saw & witnessed the backlash a character like the Sorceress has gotten.

What are the 'hitseekers' gonna say about Senran Kagura? It's gonna be a field day of articles about sexualizing females, & borderline pornography with the clothes ripping and any other BS they will find to make a big deal out of nothing.

I'm all for XSeed maybe localizing either the 3DS or Vita or both versions cause they are very fun beat'em ups. I won't be surprised if there will be useless articles about this game if it is.

1805d ago
BlaqMagiq241805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Let them make their useless articles. It only shows their ignorance and in other cases, their stupidity. The Sorceress in Dragon's Crown has big boobs. It doesn't take away from the experience. Too many people judge a book by its cover and in turn miss out on great experiences. It's their loss really.

If more games like this get localized I say the more the merrier.

1805d ago
plmkoh1805d ago

Simple really, buy these games that those 'hitseekers' hate so much. That way more games can be released and they can continue to pull their hair out.

Just to be sure I bought two copies of Dragon's Crown.

rainslacker1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I don't really care what they say. I'm not going to let hit seeking "journalist" who feel their opinions are important sway whether or not I want a game.

The day should never come that XSeed, Atlus, or NISA have to censor their possible releases in order to avoid the ire of idiots on the internet. These companies are the few last bastions of Japanese gaming, and they should be supported as much as possible if you're even remotely interested in their releases.

Or you know what. Let them make their senseless articles that do nothing to further any agenda. You think the negative press behind Dragon's Crown hasn't helped people see it and want it regardless of the critics?

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tubers1805d ago

I hope the VITA version gets localized but I think this'll be a "first attempt/ try" move for the 3DS 1st.

MrTrololo1805d ago

We don't need game with more sexualize female already. Just look at Killer Is Dead sales in Japan. It horrible >.>

1805d ago
SeraphimBlade1805d ago

This one actually got REALLY good reception in Japan, so that point's moot.

rainslacker1805d ago

Or look at Dragon's Crown sales in Japan. Reportedly very strong.

I very much doubt the "sexualization" of the characters had much to do with the sales of either of them.

fsfsxii1805d ago

In Killer is Dead situation. I didn't see a solid gameplay video displaying the hack & slash. All was there was the KID TV crap.

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KShinigami1805d ago

There are so many other better games that are worth localizing imho

kalkano1805d ago

...Am I the only one seeing nothing but a blank, beige box? I don't get it.

tubers1805d ago

Supposed to be the color of a shirt of one of the ladies.. or their perfect skin.

1805d ago
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