Gi - Batman Arkham Origins Stays True to Arkham Aslyum Franchise

Gi - Batman Arkham Origins, developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal, features a Batman story that stays true to the Arkham Asylum story as well as the Batman franchise as a whole. Batman Arkham Origins takes place an estimated five years before the violent events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. In this universe, Batman is younger and has not had the time to refine truly who he is or establish himself fully as the Dark Knight. Old Gotham is still open and filled with slums, not having been walled off or turned into Arkham Asylum just yet.

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Mr_Pinky1836d ago

No it dosen't, it's messing with the timeline a little bit

This explains it better

Plus my problem is that it's called Origins yet it's only set 5 years before the first Arkham game...not really an Origin game is it.

To me this seems like a quick cash in to get as much money out of this series before we go onto next gen