Taiwan Animators Come Up With Better Gamertags Than Xbox Live Trolls

Kotaku - Next Media Animation has made a good living offering allegorical reenactments of controversies—many of them in video gaming—and setting them to the sonorous tones of a Mandarin voice-over. I wasn't expecting them to do something on Xbox Live's new Enforcement United Project so soon, however.

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FullMetalTech1871d ago

What did i just watch? LOL

NewWhiteFeather1871d ago

I really think this video is a waste of time, for anyone who reads this before watching.

Sarick1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

In the first scene showed the MS gods looking down on the gaming community.

It looked like they where implying. That the gamers who didn't like how MS was running things whined and cried about the moderation system so they fired most of the moderator staff to implement a player based moderation system.

It then went on to imply people who take the jobs of MS employee watch guard live moderators will be fat slobs or dictator jerks with no lives. It also implied that those people will be paying for the services, be working for MS and still be forced to see their advertisements. Last it showed the players cheering them on for killing High scoring gamers as revenge using the new united gamers.

So in hindsight shows the gamers becoming a witch hunt system to take down players who others envy or hate.

All in all it's making fun of Microsoft and all Live gamers in general. I'm no fan of Microsoft but dang that video was meant to make more then Microsoft look bad. It was also meant to make the customers who use their new moderation system look like fat slobs.

Either way it's purely a trolling propaganda video.

TrollCraftTales1871d ago

What in the multiple fucks...

Darkfist1871d ago

they should make one for the DRM and u-turn in xboxone.

andibandit1871d ago

Well at least we know theres nothing wrong with their imagination

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