Which Halo Song was the Most Memorable?

OnlySP: The Halo soundtrack series has gone on to be renowned as one of the finest achievements in the industry, so it’s no doubt that one or two songs will get stuck in the heads of many a gamer. Yet over the course of a decade and seven games, who’s to decide what’s the most memorable? The most intriguing, atmospheric and enjoyable moments from the Halo games were crafted by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori, whose composition and production skills were unsurpassed at the time of the ‘Halo Original Soundtrack’ release. Whilst it can be said that any song out of the discography to the series that spans 100+ tracks is enjoyable, some songs definitely leave more of an impression than others:

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GameCents1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

That's easy, Unforgotten - Marty O'Donnell

N7Lukas1755d ago

Brilliant piece of music, but for me the menu music for Halo 3 was the best,

HammadTheBeast1755d ago

This one is the one that stood out to me, I still remember it:

That, and the final Halo 3 battle music.

1755d ago
PockyKing1755d ago

This is easily my favorite of all of Marty's songs -

MilkMan1755d ago

From what I've played of Halo. None really. I like those choir that sounds like angels. Thats about it.

pacostacos1755d ago

menu music in Halo 3 gave me chills every time i started up the game

christian hour1755d ago

Was coming here to say the hidden track "Siege of Madrigal" in halo:CE was my favourite, which I beleive was reused for halo 3 as a main theme, although with more accompaniment and slight alterations. Definitely chills every time :D

spicelicka1755d ago

Just reading this and thinking about it gave me chills.

But there's so many amazing ones, Warthog run has to be the most classic, The remix theme is so badass, the Halo 3 menu theme is so memorable, and ODST and Reach themes are just their own beasts.

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The story is too old to be commented.