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Maximum PC: If you’re a gamer, you can probably identify a few points in time when you realized something important about your control setup that made you better at the game. When you discovered that putting your left hand on WASD gives you more options than putting it on the arrow keys, for instance, or when you realized that your crappy optical mouse was actually holding you back in shooters. These kinds of peripheral epiphanies don’t happen every day, but it might be just about time for you to have a new one. It might be time for you to realize that your keyboard is holding you back.

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mfletch5121874d ago

I enjoyed this, but wow were those expensive. but the Corsair one was pretty awesome for the price. if i have $300 to waste on something stupid i would totally get the cyborg one!

Bolts1874d ago

Oh cool, my keyboard the Roccat Isku is on this review. I agree with the 9 rating. This thing is a beast, I got it purely for the thumb buttons and it's a game changer having those 3 buttons right below my spacebar. They're much more convenient than the bank of hotkeys that are available to the left like any other keyboard.

LAWSON721874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I would love to have a nice, white mechanical keyboard from Corsair just I cannot be buying an expensive keyboard right now. That roccat looks pretty nice for the price may consider that in the future