How have game graphics changed? A Grand Theft Auto comparison

It's been almost nine years since gamers last visited San Andreas, the fictional state modelled off California, and home to this September's Grand Theft Auto V game world, Los Santos.

How far has Rockstar taken the series since its last visit to San Andreas and Los Santos? To get an understanding of just how far games have come in a little under a decade, check out this comparison of 2004's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with 2013's Grand Theft Auto V.

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cyguration1833d ago

Had to downvote this website because of the obvious page-grab... didn't even finish the slideshow.

Anyway, I hope they enjoy the hits I didn't fully give them.

It's also funny how people rag on GTA IV's driving when in fact Rockstar says they're just going to improve it by not making it as "floaty" (and I agree, because with slightly more weight it will almost be identical to Forza Motorsport)... so based on this stupid article GTA V will be "heavier" and thus "clunkier" than GTA IV.

Dang, this was written by someone who probably never actually played GTA but is just regurgitating popular lines.

Also, I dare anyone who still has GTA: San Andreas to drive around in that game after driving around in GTA IV for a few minutes. "Clunky" doesn't begin to describe how the cars actually handled in GTA: San Andreas. And don't get me started on Vice City... lol, you can't play that game if you turn off the FPS limiter.

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GutZ311833d ago

To bad this site does not allow anyone outside of Australia to view the slide show.
Would downvote if I cared.