Total War: Rome II Interview In Rome With Lead Designer James Russell - Part 2

In Rome on the set of the HBO Rome TV series, The Creative Assembly's lead designer James Russell talks about Total War: Rome II in this exclusive interview.

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1869d ago
creHEARTive1869d ago

tho game seems epic but complicated.

tanookisuit1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

It's actually not that complicated. We aren't talking about Europa Universalis or... any of those Paradox type games.

Buttttt, then again, we don't know all the full changes that were made, so maybe trade and diplomacy will require more strategy this time around.

3-4-51869d ago

They actually simplified some elements in it.

Total War games make Civilization games obsolete and unneeded.

Can't wait for this. Battles are going to be strategic and epic.

jagiii1869d ago

The game is actually easy to play with the tutorial.

tanookisuit1869d ago

I wonder if Rome 2 will have the Marian Reforms, and let us unlock Urban Cohorts (even though, historically, they didn't exist)?

1869d ago