The Vita Needs More Than a Price Cut and Hand-Me-Down Games

CCC Says: "A new rumor from Inside Gaming Daily has strongly hinted at Sony releasing a holiday hardware bundle that includes both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and for “around $500” to boot. Sony probably isn’t too eager to cut the price on their next-gen system on day one, so, assuming the ballpark figure of $500 is somewhat accurate, this equates to a price cut of around $150—or 60%—for the Vita."

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Otoshigamisama1658d ago

The Vita is okay as it is considering the specs I think its worth it what really made buyers not want a vita is the Damn prices of the memory cards! and it also has many games but the problem is it lacks system seller games and example of this is a GTA game. a price cut is only the icing on the cake maybe around 25-50 dollars and thats it.

dcj05241658d ago

Killzone mercany plays and almost looks like killzone 2. This' ll bring in shooter fans. Its the closest thing to a killer app for the west considering most VITA games are Japanese.

JBSleek1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

The specs don't warrant $250 anymore and that is because mobile chip processors are quickly adapting and getting better at an impressive rate.

It doesn't need a price drop but one would make sense if Sony was in the business of selling these at a quicker rate and appealing to more consumers.

tubers1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I am ambivalent about this.

While the Nexus 4 and New 7 have most aspects better, the VITA still has the best GPU

SGX543MP4+ > Adreno 320.

Even better than the iPhones SGX543MP3.

Then again, the GPU "costs" peanuts (APU) compared to the other added costs of materials and manufacturing


A price drop soon will be warranted.

EDIT: Oh crap I forgot the NVShield. It decimates PSV specs both in CPU and GPU and at a 300 dollar price point.

Yeah price drop should come sooner than later.

1658d ago
tubers1658d ago

$ 499.99 is quite a loss for a PSV and PS4 bundle.

I doubt Sony would get that desperate anytime soon.

sincitysir11658d ago

Honestly it's a smart idea. U can't have killer games unless you sell a lot of systems. Sell enough and te games will come. Sure the initial price of the current psv is a lot with memory and games but remove 150 dollars and trust me the games will come.

Gamesgbkiller1658d ago

Price cut is not going to help me since I own one.

I don't know what will Sony do when PS4 comes out.

sdozzo1658d ago

I'm with you. We are screwed unless some great games are coming down the pike.

Hicken1657d ago

I guess it's a good thing Killzone, Tearaway, and a slew of others are on the way, isn't it?

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