Naughty Dog to Reveal Original The Last of Us Pitch, Alternate Ending at PAX Prime

They already talked a bit about alternate endings for The Last of Us during the Reddit AMA (major spoilers, lots of interesting info) held last week, but both Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann will be going even further in-depth about them at PAX Prime in Seattle. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1837d ago

I don't think anything can top what they finished the game with. But I'm interested to find out what else they had planned.

Mr_Pinky1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Ever saw Equilibrium

Replace Christian Bale with Joel and the soldiers with Fireflies and you have the alternative ending :)

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Mr_Pinky1837d ago

That looks like Tess in the pic...but that couldn't be the alternative ending since, well you know.

TrendyGamers1837d ago

I think it's an alternate ending they originally had with Tess not, well you know.

Mr_Pinky1837d ago

Well I'm glad they went with the ending we got with her now.

Would seem a bit weird to have someone who is friends with Joel and is obviously having whoopi with him to just all of a sudden trying to kill him in the end

Darth Stewie1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

It's a concept art that was created early in development in which Naughty Dog had originally planned for Tess to be the villain of the game. They said this in the Last of Us art book which also has this picture.

Bruce_Wayne1837d ago

Wasn't Tess going to "get it on" with Joel? Sucks that she died. Poor Joel. :/

Dunpeal1837d ago

i think it was implied that they had already been "getting it on" for some time

Ozmoses1837d ago

Yeah it was strongly implied that they had been together...

That's the whole reason he continued to smuggle "Ellie"

Tess said "there has to be enough here for you to feel some sort of obligation"

Bruce_Wayne1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

@Dunpeal and Ozmoses

No they hadn't. Joel said that Tess always brushed him off. Then she replies "well, not this time." This is at the scene where you enter a huge building and there are some guys in blue that had been killed. You have to take out a lot of clickers and infected guys. Joel managed to "impress" Tess.

Ozmoses1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


The whole fucking scene with Bill in the Highschool...

He grilled Joel over and over...

"Where is Tess??" "You and Tess are inseperable??" Go back and rewatch the cutscene when Tess holds off the guards and tells them to run...

She tells Joel "there has to be enough here for you to feel some sort of obligation"

The only reason he continued the mission to escort Ellie is because Tess told him to...

Bruce_Wayne1837d ago

@ Ozmoses

They were inseparable because they were basically partners. They were the only ones that had balls to do what they were doing. The main reason why he continued the mission was more because of the fact that he bonded with Ellie. When she took off on a horse, he bothered to go look for her.

Ozmoses1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Tess had been out of the game for a LONG LONG time when Ellie ran away on the horse... That's because she had learned JOEL wanted to drop her off on his brother TOMMY...

Therefore Ellie had learned that Joel didn't want to be with her the entire time....

MEANING????? He only did it because of Tess...

But, during the scene where she ran off on the horse at TOMMY's DAM... Which is probably about 6 months or so after the time Tess died.. (not sure on the exact timeline)... But during that scene is when Joel finally manned up and decided he would take Ellie all the way and not Tommy.

Bruce_Wayne1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

@ Ozmoses

This here is proof that they hadn't been getting it on. Were they attracted to each other? Yes, that is implied. Did they flirt with each other? Yes, they made inside jokes. Did they get it on? No, and you were arguing other wise. Look at 9:23 of this video. It confirms that they hadn't been "getting it on."

He didn't just do it for Tess too, you know? He also had hope of finding a cure to this epidemic that took away his daughter. Believe it or not, he actually clinged on to Ellie for so long, not just because of Tess, but rather because he had hope of curing the world. If he didn't want to do this, then he could've easily dropped off Ellie and left her. The bonding kicked in later, I know, but that also helped him carry her along later on.

Ozmoses1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

That???? That??? That??? is your proof???

That is proof that he wanted to settle down and live a normal life away from smuggling...

That's all that proves...

The context of that conversation was them giving up the lifestyle they were living and settling down..

Kinda like what Tommy and his WIFE were doing when we got introduced to the dam...

I can see what you are trying to say...

But, the conversation that your trying to use as proof is completely asinine...

"But, you brushed me off".... Yeah I really doubt this one phrase sums up the entire argument if they had a relationship or not....

It's plain as day, they were involved with each other..

EDIT - "He didn't just do it for Tess too, you know? He also had hope of finding a cure to this epidemic that took away his daughter."


The infected had no.... I repeat NO INVOLVEMENT in the death of his daughter...

go replay the game.. Jesus Christ.

BigPappaPump1836d ago

Ozmoses, disregard my disagreement with one of your comments. I accidentally hit that button while tearing up my breakfast lol. You're point on.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

it's tess. i have the art book and that's tess


CaptainPunch1837d ago

Awesome, I'll be at PAX Prime this year. Can't wait!

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

great, i can now attempt to emotionally mend myself by tricking myself that whatever they reveal was the real ending which is almost assuredly less depressing

whenever i tell people about that original ending i say, "it was like if in monster's inc. sully got all upset when he it was time for boo to go back home so he kicked in the door, murdered her family, took her home for himself and raised boo telling her that her family didn't want her."

ps, just because i thing the ending was depressing doesn't mean i didn't think it was great, it was definitely what they should've done, great ending

Ozmoses1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

No.. Joel found something to live for... and that purpose was Ellie...

Marlene kept everyone in the dark.. She knew from the beginning that if Ellie made it there, she was going to be killed in order to find the cure..

Ellie stated that when they were finished they would go off and start living their life.. the whole part near the giraffes, him talking about teaching her the guitar...

at that point in the game... Ellie had no idea what the "PLAN" revolving her and virus consisted of... She still doesn't.

Marlene told Joel that they had to kill her... It could have been a whole different situation.. Ellie was never told she was gonna be killed for a cure.. She just knew she was gonna help them.

The game ended perfectly....

Anybody in that situation would do the same thing.. Especially after spending over a year with someone while trying to go across country.

Camaraderie was formed... and Joel knew that after all that they experienced, Ellie deserved more than death at the hands of the fireflies.

staticdash221837d ago

The game was great, but I personally didn't enjoy the ending. Too depressing for my taste, I understand it but just didn't agree with it. Meh, it kind of reminds me of why I love the uncharted series but anyway I'm curious to see what it was!

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