Saints Row Developer Didn’t Appreciate THQ Hiring Pornstar Tera Patrick as a ‘Special Producer’

When it comes to going too far in Saints Row and Tera Patrick, the pornstar THQ used to promote Saints Row 2 and was part of the Ultor Exposed DLC, Kate said, “I did not always love how much THQ put an emphasis on porn stars.” - PSLS

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pedrof931840d ago

I think we all why she got the special treatment. I'm she gave a special treatment of her own.

SilentNegotiator1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

"ZOMG porn stars aren't prostitutes! They're just people who have sex for money...but on camera! How dare you suggest that part of her being hired in a "special producer" role was sex!"

Every time a pornstar is used in a movie or game, I can't help but roll my eyes (it's usually obvious when they are, because they do use the same voice tone and are given token roles). You just know it has something to do with a higher up wanting to meet the pornstar in person and pretending to justify it as a branching tool for marketing.

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cyguration1839d ago

Yet they hired a pornstar to do a terrible voice over for one of the main characters?

No, that's being hypocritical.

just-joe1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I thought Sasha Grey sucked in the game but hiring someone to do voice acting is not the same as giving someone the position of producer.

YNWA961839d ago

Her part in the game, was to suck?

Wenis1839d ago

Yeah Tera Patrick really sucks.

Or at least thats what I've heard..

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1839d ago

What's the problem? They probably needed her to authenticate the way the vibrators and diddly oh diddys moved and looked.

She is need for those important aspect of the game.

LackTrue4K1839d ago

and people say "female roles" lack in the gaming industry.

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doctorstrange1840d ago

Wait, you're telling me that she wasn't actually involved in development of the game?

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dbjj120881840d ago

I get that crude-ness is part of the SR joke, but I can't imagine how awkward it'd be to have a conversation with the wife after that hire.

RedHawkX1840d ago

i bet she walked in and slept with some of the dudes and they put her on the list while some people who actually worked on the game probably didnt which is messed up. now she gonna show this for her other job interviews and add in the sex factor and she will get mmore money then people who actually work.

SexyGamerDude1839d ago

If she had to sleep with someone she put in some kind of work.

An example of her doing no work would be her walking down the street and someone from THQ hiring her out of randomness.

There is more than one way to do work. She just did it her way.

Me-Time1839d ago

I didn't read the article, but I hope that they "didn't appreciate" Tera Patrick as the "special" producer, because she IS a very special kind of bitch. I repeat, she's a filthy BITCH.

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