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IGN: "Whether for longtime fans of the series or JRPG fans in general, Tales of Xillia delivers."

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izumo_lee1877d ago

Pretty good review but c'mon Colin, 'subpar graphics?'....the game is 2 years old! It looked great when it was released 2 years ago.

The game looks great for the style that this title was going for. Compared to Graces F i think it looks better. As long as it has the fun combat the series is known for that is all that matters to me.

Williamson1877d ago

I agree with you! The games 2 years old, not its fault its being reviewed 2 years after launching. Should be a 9/10 but 8 is a great score too.

izumo_lee1877d ago

Can care less with the overall score but to me it is unfair to the game & the developer that Colin says the graphics are subpar when the game took forever to come over.

He says that Xillia is dated. FF7 is dated, Legend of Dragoon is dated, Tales of Xillia looks great 2 years ago, it looks great now.

Not to knock Colin's review cause i think it is pretty spot on but that 'negative' kinda irked me.

Omar911877d ago

well to be fair he did mention that it was a two year old game. I'm assuming he just wanted readers to know that its a two year old game so the graphics aren't end of console graphics.

To me however, it looks amazing. My only issue is that I ordered it from Amazon and I literally receive my games at like 8pm all the time -__-

blitz06231877d ago

While he mentioned some other flaws, he only noted the "subpar graphics" as a con, and for some reason this took out a whole 2 points from the score.

AzureskyZ1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I played the japanese copy when it first came out-- and it was stellar-- im looking forward to the english version since i didnt understand any of the japanese so i adlibbed. Its a good review-- as far as the graphics i guess it cant be helped, reviewers isnt gonna based the graphics what was 2 years ago, its going to go against other titles that was recently released, but at least they gave an honest review.
I think for an anime oriented game the graphics still looked damn good though

1877d ago
SexyGamerDude1877d ago

There are games older than this with better graphics.

That 2 years old argument doesn't work.

izumo_lee1877d ago

It's an anime style game. If it was using realistic artwork than yes there is an argument for being dated. However Xillia is basically exactly similar to Tales of Graces F in art style yet that game didn't have the 'dated' critique.

Looking at that video review & everything i have seen of the game there is nothing wrong with the graphics. Not every game has to be The Last of Us or Bioshock Infinite in graphical is basically kinda nick picking on Colin's part.

wishingW3L1877d ago

and what's the difference if it's anime style or realistic? You fanboys are obnoxious... Ni No Kuni is older yet it looks way better. -__-

fsfsxii1877d ago

You have to put the fanboys in every argument lol
I really don't know where to begin to explain the difference between cell-shaded and realistic. I think Greenpowers understands more than you.

CrossingEden1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

there are anime styled games from two years ago that look and move more fluidly from this, hell, some cel-shaded games from 2008 look and run better than this game, for example, compare the animation in that cutscene they showed here to the cutscenes here

3-4-51877d ago

The Art style is awesome.

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Chaos_Raiden1877d ago

It is pretty obvious that the reviewer does not know when the game was actually released in Japan.

I can't wait to get this game, as more Tales games for other people to play, the better.

FlameHawk1877d ago

You obviously didn't watch the review video.

maximus19851877d ago

he did mention it yes but still he bashed the graphics when its a 2 year old game that took long to localize

SexyGamerDude1877d ago

You act like there has been some giant leap in graphics in the last 2 years.

Heavy Rain is old but the graphics weren't bad. I like the game too but graphically, it could have done better.

tiffac0081877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

^ The art design is different. You cannot compare ToX to HR when they totally took different designs to begin with. That is just a failed argument.

You have to judge the game for what it is and compare it to a game that took the same approach like "Ni No Kuni".

FlameHawk1877d ago

PS3 exclusives still coming, lol @ xbox trolls saying there aren't any when I haven't seen an Xbox exclusive in forever.

maximus19851877d ago

easy on the xbox guys havent the xbox fans suffered enough. we get xillia AND dragons crown today and they

Trago13371877d ago

Sub Par graphics? Well, it's his opinion, but I disagree. The art style is really nice looking.

Lovable1877d ago

Spot on review I would say.

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