Xbox One Game DVR records footage at 720p, 30 fps

The Xbox One's Game DVR, the feature through which the console records game footage, is limited to 720p resolution at 30 frames per second, said Microsoft's Marc Whitten.

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pedrof931660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

That's nice.

I wonder what PS4 can do ?

wishingW3L1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

probably the same because at 1080p/60fps the file size would be waaaayyy too big. Beside, most sharing video services are capped at 30 frames anyway.

The funny thing is that no web based video player will be able to show the real beauty of next-gen games. Yes, we got to that point!

creatchee1660d ago

"The funny thing is that no web based video player will be able to show the real beauty of next-gen games. Yes, we got to that point!"

I know, right? We've come a long way from two vertical bars bouncing a square back and forth across the TV screen in monochrome.

Dee_911660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Yea I record gameplay on my computer at 1080p 60fps and highest bitrate, your talking about 1 gig per minute lol crazy.Unless they add some type of on board compressor, our hard drives are going to get filled quick

Lwhit61660d ago

Well, what kind of tv should i get to see the beauty of next gen consoles then?!

GameNameFame1660d ago

1080p for only 15 minutes.... thats like maybe a gig or two with compression.

Problem is Xbox One leeches off already weaker hardware to to compress 720p and cannot simply handle 1080p.

PS4 has secondary processor to handle all this. Funny secondary processor was suppose to be X1's special sauce but PS4 has it.

So yes. PS4 has on board second processor for video handling. 1080 can be easily done.

HugoDrax1659d ago

Interesting, does anyone know if Twitch services are capped at 30 frames? Being that Microsoft is in partnership with Twitch for live streaming, I wonder if you could upload 60fps/1080p clips of your games?I'm not familiar with Twitch TV, besides that it was the service that broadcasted EVO a few weeks back.

Anyhow, I look forward to trying these game DVR features on both my PS4 & XB1 consoles. I'm sure everyone will capture some great moments playing multiplayer, and when I don't want to watch a tv series or movie, I'll partake in watching others play games live.

Gamers are in for a treat with our next gen consoles :-) Only about 4 months to go!

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M-M1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I'll just quote my comment from a different article:

Looks like I was wrong, the PS4 does in fact record in 720p as well. I checked by downloading and looking at the Killzone Shadowfall gameplay video from Facebook when they uploaded it during the Feb. 20th PS4 reveal. I looked at the media info and it says 1280x720.

Deadpoolio1660d ago

OF course the PS4 does 720p also...IF they actually tried to do 1080p 60fps the file would be HUGE...Aside from the fact nowhere lets you upload 1080p videos anyway

hazelamy1659d ago

i'm pretty sure youtube supports 1080p.

1660d ago
YNWA961660d ago

Do many people actually do this though? Record gameplay video... I have never seen the need to do so, unless you are having a problem in a game and want to analyze it, which would then take away the fun of it I believe...

Spoons1660d ago

Don't know, but you can't externally capture footage. Big hit to people who are used to doing that on the ps3.

And yah it's a rumor, but just like the 4.5gb of ram rumor Sony has yet to deny both... so....

joefrost001660d ago

now that sony knows this they are going to change it
to 722p and 32fps
the whole wait on MS and then adjust accordingly
got to love it

rdgneoz31659d ago

So ms hasn't screwed itself in the past and reversed course to be in line with Sony? They've really stuck to their guns...

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PtRoLLFacE1660d ago

1080p 60 fps would be glorious but im pretty sure a 500 gb hardrive will fill up rather quickly than usual lol

Me-Time1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

haha so cute

30 frames per second (and only at 720p)

*crosses fingers that the PS4 won't be 720p recordings*

Edit after the disagree -
What I mean is, the PS4 is superior :P.

Actually, I mean that 30 fps is all well and good (fine), but if it won't or can't let you save 1080p gameplay, that's a damn shame. The PS4 IS superior, so I wonder if it'll be superior in this case. No "fanboy-ism" here. I only know that the Xbox One technically isn't as good as the PS4 (and I dare you to "Prove" me wrong.)

ExCest1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Recording with the hardware you're using to also play the game on is super-taxing. You'd see a terrible FPS drop if you wanted to record 1080p w/ 60fps.

kneon1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I thought I read something about both systems having dedicated hardware to handle the recording.

60fps is unnecessary for such recordings but I don't see why they wouldn't be at 1080p/30fps. Even at that quality it only takes about 120Mb per minute with low compression and even less with higher compression.

Ju1660d ago

PS4 has a dedicated HW encoder. That's how they stream it to the Vita, for example. Recording game play on the PS4 doesn't tax the system.

Agent11660d ago

Even though I am getting both consoles I have to say that I really don't want to waist my time and energy on somebody like you. Your speaking from complete ignorance, and it shows. Are you hear to talk about the topic? or to Troll and start an argument?

If better specs is such a great importance to you then why don't you just ditch the console and go PC? PC of course will always have better specs and hardware then consoles so what is stopping you??? Wait, let me guess you like console better than PC? Well so do I.

Both Consoles are going to be Amazing, and both consoles are going to be able to do things that the other can't. That's the fact! that is the truth! As much has people don't want to believe what the truth is, nor do research to discover what the truth is drives me insane.

ExCest1660d ago

@people above who corrected me

Time to correct myself: Then the recorder would need to be fairly beefy and that would be an added cost to the system. 720p 30fps is more than enough considering it's coming free with the system.

Thanks for the info though. I didn't know the PS4 (and probably the X1) had a dedicated recorder.

Spoons1660d ago

Nice try at damage control by adding "ps4 is superior guys, hahaha, agree with me!"

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FrigidDARKNESS1660d ago

Recirding in 1080p would take up a lot of space on the HDD and would use quite a bit of RAM,

Me-Time1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Yea that's true. But honesty, couldn't there be an option? Will it really be that confusing to consumers to choose either or?

Serous question though. Could there be an option or are they leaving it out and CHOOSING for us?

koolaid2511660d ago

But I thought that the ps4 fan bys had super dupper ddrgddrgddr56789 ram that was capable of everything lol just joking lol.

pacostacos1660d ago

As long as the games play at 1080p 60/30 Fps idgaf what resolution the game dvr records at. Honestly i dont think ima use that feature that much except for the rare times i do something cool in-game.

BLAKHOODe1660d ago

Same here. But I can imagine the MILLIONS of videos that will be uploaded to YouTube of people doing the lamest, most redundant things that nobody really cares to see.

It's a Call Of Duty teens wet dream come true.

ufo8mycat1660d ago

*YAWN* If I wanted to record shit I would use my PC.

Adding all this CRAP to gaming consoles far out. How about just stay true to what they are best at - playing games.

All this DVR, Web browser nonsense

corvusmd1660d ago

I agree, personally I think all this DVR crap is a waste of time/space/power...I'm hoping I can turn that crap off

buynit1660d ago

I disagree...

If the xbo performed like the wii compared to the ps4 then i would agree, but your still getting great visuals along with cool features to record it with out the need of a pc.... Wtf is the problem with having both? Its called moving forward..

Navick1660d ago


The two above are just haters. Talking about using your pc to upload a console video? No wonder your yawning because your taking too long to upload bro. That's the point of it being built in... Touch of a button built in. As for hoping to turn it off?.. Just don't use it... Sometimes people amaze me.

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