A customizable Xbox One could have been a game changer

During the Xbox 360′s big reveal, Microsoft took a stab at console customization by introducing removable faceplates. A simple concept that gave people the option to let their console match their personality and while this idea didn’t completely catch on, we can’t help but wonder how things would have gone if the company advanced this option to the Xbox One.

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pedrof931685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Do the new 360's offer customization ?

Beat that.

Mkai281684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Huh, innovation? http://commons.wikimedia.or...
You now that's not real..

Gamercore1685d ago

I LOVE the Final Fantasy 13 faceplate on my Xbox One. I know it's not a make-or-break, but think offering this on the Xbox One would have been awesome. :/

NegativeCreepWA1685d ago

I have the Gears skull face plate on my elite.

Tapioca Cold1685d ago

Would ve, could ve, should ve.

'What if' article!!!