Why I'm Choosing PS4 Over Xbox One

John Meadows from GoozerNation writes "For the past ten years Microsoft console's has been my gaming console of choice. But with this next generation of consoles upon on us Sony has swayed me to their side and the reason may surprise you because it surprised me."

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golding891877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I respect your opinion but not this gen. xbox one day one for me.

I rather my gaming console can do all the extra features Xbox one is offering. No offense guys.

pedrof931877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Maybe you didn't notice but Ps4 pretty much offers all the same so called "features".

Oh nevermind you are talking about kinect.

But the author opinion its all about the price. I could argue and give 10 more reasons, like the extra ram, the sony first party studios, the extra flops, the instant game collection, the cross game chat available for everyone, the 15 minutes capture, the playstation design, the new controller or even the Led on the PS4 and not to mention Killzone. But I won't bother explaining that. PlayStation app, background downloading, selective download, the touch pad on the dualshock, Infamous SS, it can stand vertically and horizontally .

What about Planet Side 2 ? No one mentions it, what a great game, I have it on PC but the poor thing can't handle it. Can't wait to play it on PC.


ps eye ? I don't care about it.

"has better online play" Sony says it has invest on the Psn support, I think it will run better now. I mean there is so many people downloading free games that the whole thing starts overheating.

"Sony needs to prove it has new games as last gen" - Because Microsoft has already proved it ? This is Sony.

"please dude..ps4 has better specs..that's it." Can't argue there I'm sorry you totaly shut me up.

Well that's it.

golding891877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

You are right. the day that the ps "eye" can do HALF of what kinect 2.0 can do..I'll take your statement as a valid statement. until then. no.

It's a fact dude.

Sony sacrifice your "eye" to compete with microsoft in prices. Look it up. I can't make this stuff up. lol

Edit: please dude..ps4 has better specs..that's it.

This is a new gen soon. Sony needs to prove it has new games as last gen. and don't even get me started on which has better online play.

No thanks.

Edit (2): "can stand vertically and horizontally" (like a pr0n star) lol nice one.

Anyways. i'm just giving my 2 cent on next gen. You like ps4..get it.. I like xbox one. I'll get that.

Later dude.

georgeenoob1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

IMO only logical reason to get a PS4 over X1 is if you're 100 dollars short with no job.

Cause despite Xbox being an all in one system and not just for games (which is good), X1 is currently dominating PS4 in exclusives. Funny, don't you think?

pedrof931877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Use your bubble wisely.

I know I only have two so don't bother explaining it to me.

"X1 is currently dominating PS4 in exclusives"- Oh you mean the launch games ? Does this sequence of words "Wait for Gamescon and there is still tones of games to be shown and there is still 3 months 'till console is released" mean anything to you ?

ShwankyShpanky1877d ago

Thing is, we know very little about what the new Eye can do.

Can the new Kinect take 3d photos? The new stereoscopic Eye can. Some (like me) may consider that a useless or niche feature... just like I consider reading my heart rate and emotions to be worthless. In fact, I assign them negative worth... many of the Kinect features are detriments in my opinion... not only do I not want to have them, I want to not have them.

"Sony sacrifice your "eye" to compete with microsoft in prices. Look it up. I can't make this stuff up. lol"

Why don't you "look it up" and give us a source? Maybe that's because it's just idiotic speculation. Just because you "can't make this stuff up," doesn't mean some other idiot blogger didn't.

So a PS4 is $400, and the Eye is $60... totaling $460... but they "sacrificed the eye" to compete with the price of a $500 unit? Being cheaper wasn't enough? They sacrificed it to be more cheaperer? Does not compute. Dude.

blackbeld1877d ago

"Why I'm Choosing PS4 Over Xbox One"

Because Sony Playstation never ever let me down in terms of great Games and exclusivity since my first Playstation.

davidj881877d ago


Well you can say Sony sacrificed the PS Eye but considering i can buy the PS4 + PS Eye and it'll still be cheaper than the Xbox One bundled with the Kinect 2.0 tells me 2 things, either Sony dropped the Eye to make the price more appealing and maybe MS bundled the Kinect 2.0 so they could bump the price up and use Kinect to justify it.

Also if anyone needs to prove it has new games it's MS, Sony proved they have continual development of original IP's to keep gaming a fresh experience and built up a reputation for supporting it's gaming consoles 100%.

Thirdly ''don't even get me started on which has better online play''.....can i borrow your DeLorean and try both next gen consoles online play too?

Maybe the PS eye can't do half of what the Kinect 2.0 can but that would surely be understandable seeing as they built the system around the Kinect. PS eye always was just an addition, something that gave a different experience when accompanied with the PS Move.

Omegasyde1877d ago

Yea Planet Side 2 I am really looking towards as I also had an outdated Pc that played ok between minium and recommended PC requirements.

@Georgenoob - How is it dominating? Oh I get, you don't count "console" exclusives. If you count games that will be on the PS4 and NOT on the xbox1 day one- PS4 wins with 1 extra (and that's not including indies)

Ryse, Killer Instinct, Forza, Dead Rising 3(4) vs
Killzone, Knack, Drive Club, War Frame, DC Universe online (6)

I am pretty sure Planet Side 2 will be ready at Launch or atleast within two months of PS4.


1877d ago
malokevi1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

It isn't "speculation". Give me a break and think for yourself.

The eye was abandoned to beat Microsoft's price, as evidenced by the now defunct light bar built in to every controller.

Remember, "it will be able to determine who is first and second payer and change the screen accordingly"?

I love this selective memory that psfanboys seem to have.

I will be going XB1 day one as well, for all the refined features and multi-functionality that it has, not to mention the online emphasis, which is where I spend 95% of my gaming time.

Anyone who denies it will eat their words by days end. I will be enjoying a masterpiece in form and functionality.

My PlayStation4 will be plugged into my receiver, which will be plugged in to my XB1. Everything else is secondary, as always. Xbox Live simply can't be beat, thems facts fellaz.

dudeOplenty1877d ago

I don't think you know what the word "fact" actually means.

JackStraw1877d ago

but ps eye can do just about everything kinect can do. people just haven't spent as much time developing for ps eye as they have for kinect. the most important things about the cameras are the depth cameras.

can you name 5 things kinect can do that ps eye can't?

ShwankyShpanky1877d ago

Right... gotta "think for myself."

Because if I thought like everyone else, I'd think that 460<500.

Power to ya, malokevi. Keep on thinkin' as only you can.

Xbot logic. Does not compute.

LordNikon1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Could you post the source where SONY themselves confirmed that they dropped the PS Eye to compete with MS......? You can't. Because it was ONLY a rumor, there was NO confirmation by Sony of said rumour... so stop treating it so. The only things i've read (from Sony themselves) is:

1. They didn't want to alienate their consumers like they did with the PS3.

2. Consumer choice. That's what Sony's being preaching about from the introduction of their next-gen device, iirc.

And please drop the Xbox fanboy biased act. You're just making yourself look like an idiot.

BitbyDeath1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Sorry but Kinect has always been less powerful than the move/eye combo. Lag was never an issue and games like Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain used it. Kinect 2 may be better but it is yet to prove itself.

Ryse was supposed to be a Kinect game but obviously that didn't work out as that is no longer the case.

boing11877d ago

Anyone with a brain will choose PS4. Besides, MS is cutting the markets where x1 will be available on launch. They are way behind the schedule with production. Expect announcement soon.

Cyanide851877d ago

I find reading X1 fanboy comments very funny they are really ignorant and MS slaves, just a few months ago pretty much EVERYONE was hating on MS, X1 fanboys was the worst because anyone that was already going PS4 didn't care that MS had all the DRM crap. And now they are defending the X1's useless "features" as they call it, I call it another way for MS to squeeze money from the consumers. And the tv crap only works in the US!

Now the ignorant MS monkeys that think that Sony cut the eye so that the PS4 would be cheaper, as said earlier its still cheaper WITH the eye than the X1 is. And how in the world would Sony know what the X1 price point would be?! Are you really that stupid people?! They wanted to have a good price point partially I think after the PS3 price disaster. And they see the eye as a addition now as a requirement like the MS NSA spy camera.

This is just my thought on the kinect requirement, they want you to use it so that when you do they can use the information they get from it to give you the type of advertisement that appeals to the person using the console.

And this type of advertisement is used already in some places in the world, they use all you info on say Facebook as an example they use that info to be able to send you the type of advertisement that appeals to you.

So be my guest and have a great time with you advertisement box.

Ju1877d ago

The author brings up a valid point: Vita. Some of us have a Vita already. "Remote Play" is a unique feature I am looking forward to. I hope Sony will be bringing a Vita bundle which wold allow a better saturation and better chance of actually getting more second screen features (not only remote play). Well, sure, this might lead to more WiiU ports, but why not. BF4 Battle Commander would run well on the Vita.

Death1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

It's ironic how Sony fans think buying a Vita for remote play is helpful. Same goes with Plus. For $50 (great deal by the way), you get free games. Brilliant if game sales are making you money. A Vita simply for remote play is a bad idea. Software generates profit, not hardware.

Sometimes this site gives me a headache...

Buy a PS4 because you like the games. If you are buying for the "hardware advantage" you aren't buying it for the right reason. Buy a Vita and some games to support the system and company. Plus is a nice thank you from Sony, but too many rely on it for content. Support your damn system with new game sales. Sony is not in a good place financially and just as they start to gain momentum some idiot decides a PS4 and Vita for $500 is good for Sony. Way to not only feel entitled, but take a chance at killing real sales with a made up sku.

Jrxbarrett1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Kinect > ps eye(always)
Xbox live > psn
Kill zone 30 fps
Dual shock 4 hmmmm.... An led light yay.
The ps4 can be vertical or horizontal. That's new right?
15 min capture.... I mean that's really a pcs job.
Every one also knows that both consoles are just about equal. Just like last gen. When it comes to specs
First party studios? They can't make a break through fps so their studios are irrelevant.

Oh yeah vita is garbage. Handhelds are not that huge of a product anymore. Remember the days when We thought ms would make one. There's no need. They see the future...... In tablets and cell phones. Think ahead Sony.

Next gen gaming is all online and mp modes. Xbox live is where it's at.

indysurfn1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Why This 10 year xbox lover is choosing PS4 over Xbox1.

Microsoft tried to steal my gaming ownership.
Microsoft tried to limit how many times I could lend a game out to 10 per disc when every system since the begging of time was unlimited. And tried to insinuate it was going to have other people playing it, while I was playing it. Microsoft tried to charge me a fee for saleing my game, and forcing me to a list of stores. Microsoft was not going to give any of it to the publisher or developer that they where hiding behind.

Microsoft was selling me a machine that would stop working, after the generation was over.
Without telling me this up front!

Microsoft kept insinuating this stuff was not true (pay attention to the legally binding words).

Microsoft finally admitted it, then started denying it again. Then admitted it FULLY, and revoked the policy.

This is my problem with them after they reversed it. If your a person that tried to break in my place, and steal but got caught before you could take the goods. Why the heck would I ever give you my money? Or trust you? Your my enemy now! Hello I'm no fool! I don't owe you anything especially not a second chance! I didn't owe you Nintendo, or Sony a first chance so why are you going around acting like I OWE you a second chance? Blank you, the end.

blennerville1877d ago

you gota admitt waying your hands around in the air and shouting at your tv and ending up on the NSA watch list sounds better for TRUE GAMERS.

see what i did there :P

jcnba281876d ago

Funny thing is most of the stuff you mentioned about the ps4 was not impressive. PS4 design? Touchpad? Are you serious?

1876d ago
BaronVonRhett1876d ago


For one, everyone know the specs aren't equal, Xbox boys just down play the difference because who would ever admit their brand new toy is inferior.

Two, the Vita isn't garbage. Being able to pick up your full console game and take it around with you (with limitations on where you can go, for now.)is something I have heard many people ask to be able to do.

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jcmeadows1877d ago

None taken for sure. I love the new features of the Xbox One. I just don't know if they are worth the extra $100, the Kinect is worth the money but I just don't think ill use it as much.

stuna11877d ago

From the sound of things, you'll have no choice! I have no problem with preference per ce, but when it comes at the cost of choice, it becomes a hard pill to swallow!

People are looking at this the wrong way, here's a couple of prime examples, when your shopping for a new car, you can pick the color, the model, the brand, and a number of extra amenities! The same goes for the style of clothes you wear, the food you eat, even the tv's and computers you buy give you choices even from the same manufacturers.

Nintendo gives gamers choice, Sony gives gamers choice, the question people should be asking is why can't Microsoft also give gamers choice? And for starters that choice should be to be able to purchase a $500 console without the need to have a camera attached to it.

Godmars2901877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"the day that the ps "eye" can do HALF of what kinect 2.0 can do."

But what can/does Kinect 2.0 actually do? Past voice commands, and being about to watch/track you, they've only stepped back from any usefulness it has towards games. And you're only paying extra for it. Paying for access to things you'll have to pay more to actually access.

"please dude..ps4 has better specs..that's it."

And when the 360 had the better specs over the PS3, a unified 1/2 GB of RAM versus two 1/4s anyway, many MS fans tried to lord that over the system.

kneon1877d ago

They didn't even need kinect for voice commands, even the PS2 had voice command.

All you need is a microphone, and that could have been added to the console for less than a dollar.

gamer20131877d ago

Dude, XB1 = more functionality, better games, more games and superior online>>> slightly better specs - period!

thexmanone1876d ago

So MS finally released the specs for the Xbox1?
I did a search on the net, but I can`t find it anywhere. Do you have a link with that info.

1877d ago
Deadpoolio1877d ago

You mean all those EXACT same features that the PS4 has....Oh wait you can't hook up your cable box to it and pay an extra $10 a month to get those ads fueled by Doritos and Mt.Dew....Outside of that again they have THE EXACT same features...

Although PS4 doesn't want $92 bucks for a complete controller or $50 bucks for a headset adapter....

For those who can't do math XBO controllers complete are $92 bucks....$60 (controller)+ $25(battery)+ 8%(sales tax)=$92 while Wii U and PS4 controller $64.79

princejb1341877d ago

Lol who actually cares about kinect. Ps eye can go drown itself also
I want to play games with a gaming controller not have to stand my lazy self up and do gestures
Kinect 1 sold millions however it had no games to back up all that technology. Kinect 2.0 is going the same route.

So far both launch titles for both consoles aren't very impressive to me

However Sony has proved to me they back their console with new ips and many more exclusive.
All we basically saw from MS this gen was a bunch of sequels of the same game over and over again. Gears, halo, forza, crackdown, gears, halo, halo fable, etc.
I will be expecting the same next gen from Ms while Sony keeps releasing new ips

gamer20131877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

The amount of exclusives the PS3 has compared to the PS2 is really pathetic. I have to ask, is a measly few more first party games really something to boast about? After all, the 360 has a larger overall library of games than the PS3 because of it's year head start.

fattyuk1876d ago

^^^ look at the quality of first party games that have come under the brand of Sony playstation 3 though.

Ok maybe the "list" isn't as long as PS2 but quality just oozes out of Sony games!

1877d ago
ricochetmg1877d ago

Logically if you like games......and exclusives the only choice is the ps4.

Karpetburnz1877d ago

Very true.

Sony has 20 exclusives comming out in the first year with 12 brand new IP's. looks like Sony had beat Microsoft once again in the exclusives department.

tommygunzII1877d ago

The main thing is that Sony will have exclusive games beyond the first year.

Tatsuya 1877d ago

Why I choose the PS4?

SONY have never bailed out on me with games. More variety in the games department. Have the games that I'd actually be interested to play and to finish. I've been playing multiplayer for free the entire 7th Generation. I have been given so much more than what I paid for with SONY. I'm satisfied with my PS3, now I'm ready for my PS4.

Honestly, when it comes to winning me over. It's just two simple things:

Games and 1st party exclusive and SONY only gives the best :)

scofios1877d ago


sorry to burst your bubble dude but your lovely kinect is just a eyetoy wannabe with a big ad campain to begin with. in case you didn't know there is no Milo it was just smoke and mirrors .

gamer20131877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Eyetoy wannabe? No, I don't think so. The new Kinect uses 1080p camera, processes 2 gigabits of data per second to read its environment, can see in the dark with it's IR sensor, able to track up to 6 skeletons at once. It can also detect a player's heart rate, facial expression, 25 individual joints (even thumbs) and the precise rotation of such joints, the weight put on each limb, and the speed of your movements, and track gestures performed with a standard controller.

Sorry to burst you're bubble. lol

dontbhatin1876d ago


Cool story bro... Now when i see a kinect game actually working in real time (which we havent seen yet) well then my bubble has been burst.

thetruthx11877d ago

Here's some more reasons for the xbox one

More reliable online gaming, better interface, better controllers,direct x 11.2 exclusivity, Ryse, Titanfall, Halo 5, Forza, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, Gears of War 4, snapping, better looking games (looking at the actual games and not numbers)

jessupj1877d ago

I've been gaming online on my ps3 since the start and in all those years I might have been d/c'ed from a game maybe 5 times. The PSN is just as adequate.

A lot of sources have been saying how great the PS4 interface is.

Many sources have been saying the D4 is better than the X1 controller.

X1 doesn't have a better line up and it doesn't have better looking games. It's too subjective at this point.

What X1 does have is a company backing it that is known to drop the ball on exclusives as soon as they think they have enough core customers. The amount of exclusives released in the last few years on the 360 has been absolutely pathetic to the point where I would think xbox fans would be extremely embarrassed.

Sony is known for producing amazing games. It's a no brainer really.

hilyou1877d ago

I have a question for you? How do you know Xbox One has more reliable online gaming? You haven't used it. So how do you know?

If your reply is "Xbox Live never got hacked on 360", that's not a reply. I thought PS3 would have the best games due to PS2 having the best games but I was wrong.

Plus Titanfall is a timed exclusive. There is no Gears of War 4 (although I wish there was), and there isn't Halo 5 either, at E3 there was a teaser for a Halo game that's it. No "Halo 5".

hilyou1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

They haven't confirmed it's Halo 5.
You forgot Infamous Second Son.
And going by your logic for GOW 4, I assume there's going to be Uncharted 4, LittleBigPlanet 3, new God of War, maybe a Last of Us sequel, new Ratchet and Clank plus so many more games.

And if you know anything about networking, those aren't 300 000 "dedicated" servers. They're servers for cloud computing, Game DVR, streaming etc. Nearly all 3rd party games use their own severs. That's why you always hear EA shutting down their game's servers, not Microsoft.

And I totally want to use other applications while gaming. I really won't get distracted. :)

Spoons1877d ago

Hey man, I agree. I don't just want a straight upgrade in power, this is next gen. Not next half gen. I want innovation!

thetruthx11877d ago

I've also heard sources say the xbox one interface is better and we have seen some of it looks great can't say the same for Sony. I also hear that the xbox controller is perfection while the D4 may be an improvement it still looks like the wimpy joystick they slapped a touch screen on .

You can't honestly say Ps4 has the better games now. Knack, Driveclub, Killzone going up against Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza, and Killer Instinct xbox one's definitely winning that battle

For the guy that said Halo 5 is just a teaser and not a real game??? I hope you're kidding and know that Halo 5 has already been confirmed at 1080p 60 fps. Gears of War is a top selling xbox series so if you think they won't make another you're lying to yourself

Xbox one will have 300K of dedicated servers and yes credit card info has never been compromised.

Titanfall hasn't been *confirmed* to being created on the Ps4 so until then it is a xbox one exclusive but maybe you Sony fans will get Titanfall 2 lol

Microsoft stop making exclusives for the 360 because they were prepping games for the xbox one and now they have more games in development than ever

Syntax-Error1877d ago

That's how I feel Spoons. I feel the PS4 is giving me everything PS3 has with prettier pictures. The X1 is nothing like the 360, so to me it's more of a new console than an upgraded one. Everyone has their reasons for their purchase.

QuickdrawMcgraw1877d ago

Maybe I'm wrong,But I have been lead to believe that a lot of the new features the Xbox1 is offering.Are the same as a lot of the features the PS3 already has.So though it might sound as if the new Xbox is offering a lot of new features.In reality they are just catchup to the PS3.And some of these new features on the 1 are just expected on PS4.Not saying it's fact,but does seem reasonable.

TemplarDante1877d ago

Golding89, I was you 161 disagree.
Xbone sucks because the original ideology sucks and those snakes, MS will enforce it next next gen if their not put into the dust now.
PS4 for me. Its like, going back home for me. :)
Im so glad to be a part of the playstation nation once again.:)

1877d ago
OmegaSlayer1877d ago

The point is very very simple.
PS3 owners will move to PS4.
Not every XBOX360 owner will move to XBOX1.
Not every multiple console owner will buy the XBOX1 or will buy the PS4 first.

That's the simplest and most realistic way to see things.

USMC_POLICE1877d ago

I agree not having to use my TV remote will be so amazing and Microsoft has a great history of first gen hardware reliability also......not I bet he's got call of duty preordered too. Its not hard to use a TV remote that's the main difference

Vercious1877d ago

um... shouldn't have said that, but yep... ps4 is the one for me.

hiredhelp1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

You know what Certain N4G xboxbers are soo two faced. When we learnt the Xbox one had few draw backs like DRM little support indi games kinnect only getting worse when comes to watching You.. Many were wild very angury even xboxbers were sayin they buying PS4.
But since the upset by fans MS reversed there choices now its like 360 vs PS3 again..Why? To me as a gamer witch we all are Games matter here we spending alot money for new system to me both consoles are close to specs both powerd by AMD i think PS3 has edge in way of graphics way there system works.
But here's reason why i beleave Sony will always dominate thats GAMES GAMES GAMES after 12 months MS will be doing what they do now exclusives dry up start depending on third part games.

hiredhelp1876d ago

Sorry for some bad spelling my ipad has auto correct messes with my words my bad. Im 33 btw @pxljunk

Pxljunk1877d ago

How old r u!? LMFAO 😂😆😂

Syntax-Error1877d ago

So people disagreed with him because he's choosing Xbox over Playstation? Funny how people tell you how to spend your damn money and what preference you should have.

1877d ago
saywat2471877d ago


LogicStomper1876d ago

Which is more convinient, having a cellphone with only a call function or, a smart-phone that can double up as a mini-computer?

thexmanone1876d ago


spoken like a true PS fanboy. Enjoy all your free rentals on psn.

1877d ago
rmedtx1877d ago

I respect our opinion but besides Kinect, I don't see any advantages on getting an Xbox One. Even that... Kinect It's a great piece of hardware but not many games are taking advantage of it.

pop-voxuli1877d ago

Yeah, good luck with that.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1876d ago

golding89 + 18h ago
I respect your opinion but not this gen. xbox one day one for me.

I rather my gaming console can do all the extra features Xbox one is offering. No offense guys.


PSVita1876d ago

This is why I'm getting a ps4.

Infamous is one of the best games I've ever played along with RDR, MGS4 and Demon Souls.i can't even imagine what they're going to do with the sequels in a few years. :)

bigfish1876d ago

I think we're all choosing PS4 over Xbox One.

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1876d ago

So you rather not enjoy the best gaming experience? All those extra "features" they are touting aren't actually innovative or the future of gaming. If you want to keep supporting the same company recycling the same franchises for 10 years and have pop up adds for food then be my guest.