Top 10 PS3 games

Ninemsn games writes: We'll soon get our grubby hands on the PlayStation 4, but not before we look back at the best the PS3 has to offer. Join GamesFIX as it looks back at the top 10 PS3 games!

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Batzi1446d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots.

xHeavYx1446d ago

I think TLOU is #1,I have a feeling that MGS4 will somehow end up on the One

j-blaze1446d ago

Heavy Rain, Valkyria Chronicles, Ratchet and Clank and Demon's Souls and yes Batzi, MGS4 is the best ps3 game to me to!
the rest mentioned in that list are overrated imo

1446d ago
SonyStyled1446d ago

the list is

Heavy Rain
Valkyria Chronicles
Resistance 2
U2: Among Theives
1. MGS4

Your Welcome

feraldrgn1446d ago

From an experience point of view, The Last of Us has my #1 spot, such a well told story with such believable characters.

I often maneuvered the camera so I could see Joel & Ellie's faces during ingame conversations, the facial animations gave another level of experience during ingame conversations, really fleshed out the characters.

I also have a soft spot for Infamous 1, the game was & still is amazing for me from a gameplay perspective.

kratos_TheGoat1446d ago

Resistance 2 ,LBP, U2 Among thieves over God Of War 3 hahahaha. gow 3 is a least top 2 gow 3 is better then mgs 4

EdoubleD1446d ago

All a matter of opinion. I believe MGS4 to be the better game but I love both of them.

cerpintaxt441446d ago

thats irrelevent dude mgs3 was a ps2 game even though i agree its better

mayberry1446d ago

Killzone 2/3 are BOSS! They are technical marvels, plus the gameplay is groundbreaking. Definitely. A "must play" for any FPS fan, imho. PS3 1st party titles are amazing! MGS4 fulfilled every criteria I had, great game!

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The story is too old to be commented.