PS4 to Limit Game Capture?

Kovic and Bruce report on the possibility of the PS4 not being able to capture games with an external device.

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Pandamobile1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

"You cannot capture to external devices, only within the PS4"

If you can't move the files your PS4 captures to an external device for editing, then that pretty much negates all the benefits of having game capture in the first place.

Especially if you can't capture digital output via HDMI due to HDCP like the PS3.

iamnsuperman1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I found this:

All those technical people out there does this work . I don't personally care (I don't record my own footage) but this might help those people if they want to record PS4 footage if it does

Septic1808d ago

Cheers for that.

This isn't a big deal like many are making out. There are always ways round things like this,as your video points out.

But I do hope you can move your PS4 capture files (and X1 files) to an external device for editing. Like Panda said...if you can't then it defeats the point of having the feature.

xHeavYx1808d ago

The extra step would be to upload it to YouTube then download our and edit it

Pandamobile1808d ago


Anyone who takes any pride in what they create will not want to do that. When you're doing video editing, you're going to want to work with videos that are as close to the source material as possible. Going through Sony's compression, then Youtube's compression, then whatever editing software you use's compression, then Youtube's compression AGAIN - is not going to yield very pretty results. As a content creator, I cringe at the thought of having to jump through so many hoops just to do something as basic as edit my PS4 clips together in Sony Vegas or Premier.

DragonKnight1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

People are forgetting the possibility that Sony could include a video editing app like they already have. Sure, the current PSEye app sucks, but there's nothing to suggest Sony can't include some version of their Sony Vegas program on the PS4.

M-M1808d ago

I've always known about that, but I hate the fact that I would have to go and buy extra hardware just to record. If all of my devices used HDCP over the whole entire system, then it wouldn't be a problem, but just for one thing? -____-. That's what I liked about consoles this generation, all you had to do was have a pair of analog cables and you're good to go(if you already have an HD capture card).

Pandamobile1808d ago

"People are forgetting the possibility that Sony could include a video editing app like they already have. Sure, the current PSEye app sucks, but there's nothing to suggest Sony can't include some version of their Sony Vegas program on the PS4."

Hahaha. It's hard to imagine a console-based video editing suite being anything other than primitive and horrid.

GameNameFame1808d ago

am I the only one who sees the question mark and read "possibility" on the article?

It is clearly just a speculation...

Kleptic1807d ago

I'm guessing that all this is related to what was confirmed...that certain developers can decide on what can actually be captured (for preventing spoilers, etc.)...

but again...if its locked to the HDD, but is allowed to be uploaded at a decent compression to youtube or some other service...its not going to be exactly hard to rip it right back down again...pack into what ever file type you want, and edit away...sure, its an extra step, but its still relatively easy for getting console fottage...

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rajman1808d ago

I've been capturing from PS3 with HDMI for a long time, just need a device that breaks HDCP protection....which Im pretty sure will work on the PS4 to

Pandamobile1808d ago

That's an unnecessary extra expense for something that should work out of the box.

Bluepowerzz1808d ago

hdmi decoder is cheap stfu panda

rajman1808d ago

@ Pandamobile
Even though the HDCP proection can be broken, its obvious that Sony will still use it because its just makes capturing from the PS4 harder, and I think they do it to stop people from recording Blu Ray movies.

GraveLord1808d ago

Pretty sure you can edit the files on the PS4 itself or just set it up to save it to your HDD for editing later on.(continue capturing while playing.)

It's really not that big of a deal. Besides, the most popular games are multiplats and will be on PC.

Do I even have to mention the inevitable "live streaming" option? No editing needed for that and if Twitch is any indication, people don't care. Pure raw gameplay is fine.

British_Knight1808d ago

You can edit files on the PS4, but its editing tools won't be anywhere close to apps with robust features like Final Cut Pro.

1808d ago
The_Con-Sept1808d ago

I don't want to buy a capture card anymore. If I really want to edit the footage with my own music in it, of which would probably get taken down due to bs copyright claims, then I will just download the mp4 data from my account page and then edit it that way. If that doesn't work then I'll still download it using a simple tweak to my web browser and download it and then edit it. Using my handy dandy super c video editing program I will do what ever I want to the video file.

Seriously I don't need to edit a video with my own music that freakeshly bad. As long as I am able to post up videos on my PS4, without needing a stupid *** hundred dollar capture card, then I am perfectly fine with that.

You people be making a huge deal out of something so simple and make it sound like it has all these complications. I don't need to edit my footage. Because it only means you are not a pro and hiding a weakness. I'd much rather show what I am capable of without a edit.

If you love posting up clan videos for barely anyone to watch go ahead. Meanwhile true pros post raw footage, not chopped liver.

Kleptic1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

haha sorry man...but thats a bit ridiculous...

'true pros post raw footage'...i'm sure they do...but don't kid yourself that you're capable of pumping something like this out, but just 'don't because you're pro'...

enjoy the show...i'd watch something like this 50 times before i watch some un-cut footage of some decent player...

Some of us personally don't care about editing the footage of our own gameplay...because some of us aren't arrogant enough to say its easy...but i truly do hope that capturing and editing is made as easy as possible...for people like the guy who made the above...

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EXVirtual1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

It's a rumor man. Just goes to show how Xbox fanboys are willing to cling to straws to belive any negative rumor about the PS4. The whole DF 4.5 GB BS exposed these guys.

M-M1808d ago


No, that's for something entirely different.

drsfinest721808d ago

Shut up don't be a hypocrite cause Sony fanboys be the same way with negative ms rumors so it ain't fair to say that

Xsilver1807d ago

Ok sony put that restriction on the ps3 so people could'nt steal blu ray quality movies now whats freaking me out is the xbox one has blu ray now so how is this goona work lets wait and see pretty sony has something for it

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pedrof931808d ago

Well, Ps4 has 15 minutes of time limit.

But these guys are right it may complicate their work, and in order to conquer them Sony need to clarify or do some changes here this. Though to the normal gamer such as me 15 minutes of capture is actually pretty sweet.

kneon1808d ago

The 15 minutes is not a time limit, that is how much is automatically buffered so that you can capture those unexpected moments.

pedrof931808d ago

Like some fail happen and I can record it even after 15 minutes ?

kneon1808d ago

Exactly, it's always recording because you never know when you might pull off something awesome, or an epic fail :)

So when such an event happens then you can go back and save the recording as long as it was in the last 15 minutes.

pedrof931807d ago

That's even better actually, thank you :D

sincitysir11808d ago

I thot the video was only meant to be uploaded to the psn? I dont know. I'm not good enough of a player to upload gameplay but hopefully u can upload to YouTube

Transporter471808d ago

This website looks stupid, right under this has an "Early Xbox One Price Cut 399"

On topic:
Neither Sony nor Microsoft have stated if you can transfer your videos to an external device so I don't get why just mention the PS4 and not the X1

ma1asiah1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I dont normally comment on PS4 aticles, however I felt your comment did deserve a reply

"Neither Sony nor Microsoft have stated if you can transfer your videos to an external device so I don't get why just mention the PS4 and not the X1"

I believe this article answers your question as to why they have singled out only the PS4

Spencer: Xbox One will support external video capture devices

Speaking to Polygon, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer responded to a question on whether the HDMI-only Xbox One would support gameplay capture given its High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) digital rights management system.

"Yep," Spencer told Polygon. "Exactly like it works today [on the Xbox 360]."

Users won't be able to capture all video content from the console, Spencer went on to say. Streams that supports HDCP encryption wouldn't be available to record from, for example - presumably to protect against illegally recording Blu-Ray movies or TV shows.

"If all you care about is getting the gameplay, you're fine," Spencer concluded.

Transporter471808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

As long as you have an external video capture device of course it will be able to record I have one I can record my PS3/360 footage this is not new, I am talking about the internal capture they both do, not an outer one that I have bought separately

On another note that didn't answer the question if you can transfer your capture files to an external device, by external device i mean USB/External HDD

ma1asiah1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Then I apologise I assumed that you were referring to what the article/video was in reference to:

"Kovic and Bruce report on the possibility of the PS4 not being able to capture games with an external device"

Which yes you are correct does not answer at least part of your question though does answer as to why they did not include the X1 because the X1 CAN do this. Which is to say just like the X360 and the PS3 as you already mentioned.

Something that some are SPECULATING that maybe and ITS a big maybe the PS4 is not capable of doing.

Now in respect of transferring to an external device if you are meaning such as an external HDD then I see no reason as to why the PS4 cannot do this as SONY have already confirmed that they will support third party external HDD'S.

However if you are referring to transferring your captured video to say an IPad or a Smartphone etc then that might be another story with which I highly doubt either console will support, still you never know.

DeadlyFire1804d ago

I see no reason why it wouldn't let you transfer files here and there. Windows, Linux, and Mac do it. 1box and PS4 should allow you to do so as well. Well if you can upload it to Youtube and such. Then its already possible to redownload it on your PC and transfer anywhere you want.

kneon1808d ago

I expect that both will let you copy the files off to a USB drive, why wouldn't they?

Transporter471808d ago

That's what i thought but as of now nobody has answer that question.

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