7 Games of the 90s That Have Aged Well

From Cinelinx:

The 90s proved to be a pivotal decade for video games, and one that has defined the industry ever since. The 90s saw the advent of 3D visuals in gaming, the rise of a new gaming superpower and the decline of another. As technology increased, the advances in gameplay made radical changes that would shape the way we played games in the years to come. These games have the staying power to still survive and be fun even by today's standards.

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pedrof931811d ago

"Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)"

What a masterpiece. The soundtrack, the main character, the whole castle everything. Metroidvania all the way.

1811d ago
3-4-51811d ago

Any game NOT going for realism still looks good today mostly.

Super Mario World, in terms of Art Style, and for what it is, is a much better looking game than 80% of what is released today, in any genre.

pythonxz1811d ago

What wasn't great about the 90s?

LordDhampire1811d ago

is this a joke, no diablo 2 or Warcraft 3, starcraft was garbage in the 90's and is garbage now The frozen throne has always been more fun. Diablo 2 is still golden

darklordzor1811d ago

Neither Warcraft 3 or Diablo 2 were 90s games. Those came out in the 00s (

pr0t0typeknuckles1811d ago

I agree crash and spyro have actually aged pretty well graphics wise and especially gameplay wise.

cerpintaxt441811d ago

MGS? really? dont get me wrong i love that game one of my all time favorites but it looks terrible now and the controls are frustrating after playing the other mgs games

caseh1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Have to say I agree.

MGS looks quite horrendous as do most PSX games these days. Sadly, they don't age well at all.

Sprite based games on the other hand like Zelda, Mario and Street Fighter 2 are pretty much timeless.

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