Gamescom will be “one hell of a show,” says Battlefield 4 producer

Gamescom will be “one hell of a show,” says Battlefield 4 producer

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guitarded771058d ago

Yes please... I want to see some Star Wars Battlefront at GamesCom. Not holding my breath since it's still very early in development, but I'll be excited for GamesCom either way. It's been really good the past couple of years with some non-mainstream announcements.

Jaces1058d ago

Hope so, going to be there this year and I'm expecting a lot. Can't wait!

3-4-51058d ago

I just want to see some gameplay on more maps.

reko1058d ago

might get battlefield 4, pretty interesting game.

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GreenRanger1058d ago

It better be, Mr Producer Man, it better be....

Jaqen_Hghar1058d ago

A man hopes Mr. Producer man is right

Hufandpuf1058d ago

I put my trust into Mr. producer Man.

WorldGamer1058d ago

Sounds great. Should be very informational and entertaining.

ajax171058d ago

So, it's like a live video game infomercial. Sweet!

sincitysir11058d ago

Why!?!? Will Sony announce a vita ps4 bundle? Will Xbox drop the kinect? Will more games be announced? Will they pack in a oculus with every console?!? WHAT?!? Will they announce a new jak and daxter?! TELL ME!!!!!! Or maybe a vita price drop? Awesome new ps4 or Xbox features?!? Will I cry?! SHOULD I BRING TISSUE?!? (Not for the tears;)

BLAKHOODe1058d ago

Sony better bring it's "A" game, because this is Microsoft's last chance of redemption and I expect Xbox One to be out for blood.

Should be a great (and interesting) Gamescom.

Cryptcuzz1058d ago

I am so hyped for the show, considering just like you said, it will be one show this year that all three will go all out on for that very reason.

gusgusjr1058d ago

Can't wait for it. Hopefully there are a few surprise launch titles. doubt it, but still hoping. As interesting as watchdogs looks, I wish UBI would surprise me with a delay and just release the division at launch instead.

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The story is too old to be commented.