Pokemon X & Y - Japanese Trailer Analysis (Part 6)

GameXplain: "In Part 6 of our Pokemon X & Pokemon Y analysis, we take a look at the Japanese eShop trailer to see what secrets they might be hiding! We explore how you get the Starting Pokemon, where that train might lead to, and some more about the Pokemon themselves, such as the brand new Oorotto! All this and more in our latest analysis!"

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Eternalb1750d ago

So much stuff I missed!

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kirbyu1750d ago're gonna do the Super Smash Bros. trailer next, right? RIGHT?!

TekoIie1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I would love for die to return and more use for surf! 3rd generation was my favourite simply because of how much exploration was possible through surf and dive!

I hope we get to see the starter evolution's and stats soon!

Williamson1750d ago

I haven't watched any gameplay on this game, I know it'll deliver and I want my play through to be blind. Nothing like encountering a pokemon that I've never seen for the first time.

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