IGN's Ask Microsoft Anything About Xbox One

Answers on Microsoft's new console, straight from the horse's mouth

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kenmid1812d ago

I would of ask better question then those. Still good news to hear.

ProjectVulcan1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Well we learned the gameplay capture is also limited to 720p/30FPS on Xbone. Not sure if I saw that detail before, I'm also unsure if PS4 captures in 1080p/30FPS, but it seems that very first Killzone stream registered as 1080p on youtube.

It could have also done 720p and then upscaled to 1080p before uploading the video to Youtube but the quality of the video suggested it was in fact a native capture.

Anyone seen anything to suggest otherwise? 720p capture on Xbone seems a little disappointing I guess but maybe PS4 can do better. If anyone seen more details let me know.

auragenz1812d ago

Tune in Next week when IGN asks Microsoft more amazing questions like:
Soo, it's black?
Can I transfer Hexic?
I can't think, what do you guys wanna talk about?

GameNameFame1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

It would make sense that Xbox One does 720p.

Since they have to leech off of already weak hardware.

Ps4 has secondary processors for this purpose and others, so it's spec can focused on games.

pompombrum1812d ago

@auragenz The questions were clearly designed for Xbox 360 fans looking to make the switch. I thought the questions were decent and information like that can easily get lost especially with the crazy amount of misinformation, 180s and fanboy articles going around.

slimeybrainboy1812d ago

I apologize for the 'disagrees' you've receive. Absolutely ridiculous that a comment giving an opinion that is even open to correction should receive 'disagrees'

ShwankyShpanky1812d ago

"It would make sense that Xbox One does 720p."

Because it's a 360 with two 180s?


creatchee1812d ago

I was kinda hoping 1080p, but it is what it is. The 30FPS doesn't bother me as much because YouTube (where I upload my gaming videos) is limited to that anyway and it would just be wasting storage space on the HDD.

badz1491812d ago

"ask anything" my ass! they just ask questions that make the Xbone looks good. this is nothing more than ads!

LordDhampire1812d ago

1080p is just to much space, and honestly no one needs that shit

720p is glorious

ShinMaster1812d ago

This was a PR article.

All the questions were tailored specifically to make the Xbox One look good.

This reminds me of the fake audience cheering at their conferences.

gaffyh1811d ago

The whole point of an AMA is that users can ask someone ANYTHING. This is just an interview under the guise of an AMA, none of the questions are important, and it's pretty obvious that IGN probably sent a load of questions over, and Marc replied to only specific ones.

Way to answer the hard hitting questions...about avatars...

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True_Samurai1812d ago

Yes some hard hitting ones at that

HammadTheBeast1812d ago

All I saw was an Xbox One commercial by IGN.

Mystogan1811d ago

Are you kidding me? IGN staff are the biggest of Sony fanboys in the media.

HammadTheBeast1811d ago


That's only Collin and Greg scraping together some stuff. IGN has had almost 0 actual coverage of PS4 or Sony since E3.

Meanwhile, Xbox One ads cover their pages, and they've made articles over the smallest bits of info. They had a whole 2 page article over the 53 MHz increase.

dedicatedtogamers1812d ago

Softball questions. Looks like the usual suspects are back on the payroll.

Deadpoolio1812d ago

They have a section on the 360 dashboard of course they are...Probably already have a spot on the XBO

1812d ago
malokevi1812d ago

What do you expect them to ask? Pretty much everything is already out there, and if it isn't than we don't know about it. I liked the questions, particularly the one about gamerpics. I can see that being really cool. My gamerpic has been an alligator for 8 years because I didn't care to pick from a range of pre-sets, but being and able to capture your own gamerpic... actionshot... dope.

ShwankyShpanky1812d ago

So what is the technical reason the Kinect can be "disabled" but not disconnected?

Hint: "Technical" as in "engineering." Not "because it's part of the system / because they want devs to use it."

malokevi1812d ago

Lol ohhh so your looking for them to ask some lame non-question so you will have another stupid reason to complain about conspiracy theories.

Now I get it. Thank you for confirming my suspicions about you and the rest of these lemmings.

ShwankyShpanky1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Right... the number one Kinect-related question on the official Xbox forums is just a "lame non-question."

What... can't you point me to where they answer that question? After all, according to you "pretty much everything is already out there."

...oh except that "if it isn't than we don't know about it." Well, then it would certainly be prudent to pose a question about something we "don't know about," no?

I mean really... how fawningly dense can one be? "It's stupid to ask questions because it's all out there except the stuff that isn't. And if you ask a question about something that we don't know then it's a non-question."

The real ironic thing is that if they could actually answer that *technical* question, it might put a lot of the "conspiracy theories" to rest.

Here's a lame non-question: When will you stop felating MS?

Edit: Duh Omega... you're not supposed to ask questions about stuff you don't know about.

Omegasyde1812d ago

How about release date?

Why is price for controller not include a plug and play?

Will I be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, other TV services If I don't have live?

Since a modified Windows 8 is part of console OS(s)- Would I be able to install Microsoft office and create a spread sheet? Can I do while playing Battlefield 4?

malokevi1812d ago

Exsqueez me? Baking power?

bsquwhere1811d ago

Oh Malokevi I'm not sure you know what a lemming is, or what a question is, for that matter.How dare we voice concern over a camera that is required for the system to function. A camera must be connected for the the damn box to play games. They can bundle the Kinect all they want, but making it mandatory is over kill.

Call us paranoid all you want, but when MS is involved in PRISM, we want to know why we have to have the camera plugged in 24/7. Or the fact that its only a matter of time before someone hacks it. Btw a lemming is someone that follows blindly. You know without questioning why.

malokevi1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

PRISM NSA Obama 9/11 nefarious government evil evil evil!!!!

Nah, just kidding, anyone who spends an iota of time thinking about that crap is half way to full retard. Hey, I'm just asking questions, SOMEBODY has to ask questions!!!

You sound like Glen Beck. I'm in it for videogames, and couldn't care less about your deranged paranoid fantasies. Not to mention that a cursory glance at your posting history revels your bias, and renders all your "concerns" as opportunistic PSfanboy BS.

That is all.

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GraveLord1812d ago

MS picks the questions. Nothing to see here.

mark134uk1811d ago

Ask microsoft anything,but only ask us questions we will want to answer e.g nothing any1 wants to know about

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Lwhit61812d ago

Xbox One is slowly gaining momentum.

SuperLupe1812d ago

And they are getting scared.

Lwhit61812d ago

Haha. With good reason. They're going up against a freakin beast machine that is PS4

xHeavYx1812d ago

Well, of course they are gaining momentum, they are going downhill, basic physics

Mystogan1811d ago

If anyone is getting scared its the Sony Defense Force.

All they got now is a 30% more powerful gaming PC.

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pompombrum1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Im scratching my head as to what's the point with your post? Do you believe if you say it enough, others will believe you? The article didn't even give any new info to help it "gain momentum" and if anything, had the exact opposite effect for fans looking to do gameplay captures in 1080p.

Lwhit61812d ago

Calm your shit man you're taking it too seriously. I'm just saying the recent news that microsoft has released helped it gain a bit of momentum.

BX811812d ago

Really don't care about 1080p game captures... Let me correct that. I don't care at all.

Mystogan1811d ago

720p is more then enough.

superbhoy1812d ago

they're basically just replicating the ps4 in a lot of ways so it will be down to personal preference

GraveLord1812d ago

You must be blind. The PR gets more pathetic every day!

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stage881812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

The new achievement system sounds awful. Timed achievements are a definite no.

pacostacos1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

do you mean timed challenges!? cuz they are seperate from achivements. I havent heard anything about timed achivements on the One.

sincitysir11812d ago

I agree. Once I get them all I'm ready to move on and feel accomplished. This is a ploy to make gamers keep the game longer because a lot of people enjoy collecting trophies/achievements. It also adds replayability if implemented right. Double edge sword

BX811812d ago

They do it now with DLC.

YodaCracker1812d ago

Those time-based ones are called "Challenges" and they do not award gamerscore. They can be shared across multiple games and be earned by the whole community rather than just by a single person.

I don't know what you're complaining about. The new achievement system sounds great to me. Achievements can now unlock extra game content. Developers will also be able to add them at any time for free and not just through DLC. The new achievement stat tracking looks great as well.

They are only improving the achievement system, so if you loved achievements before, now you will love them even more. And if you hated achievements before and didn't give a crap about gamerscore, they may grow on you now considering they can actually unlock in-game content.

XboxFun1812d ago

Uuum, that wasn't informative at all.

Transporter471812d ago

They asked some questions that don't matter at least to me, like i would ask what do you really mean by "unlimited cloud storage" They need to ask better questions.

iamnsuperman1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I get this impression they can't. One thing about these big publications' interviews is they never really ask the hard stuff. It is more pampering than an interview. I get this impression they submit to Microsoft/Sony/whoever the questions they want to ask and they choice the ones that get answered.

They do that at conferences and game shows where these people are caught off guard.

Transporter471812d ago

Well if that's the case they should of named the article we asked a few questions about the xbox One instead of ask "anything"

Omegasyde1812d ago

Angry Joe should be doing the interviewing. Dude got into a pretty good pissing contest with Major Nelson a while back.

Computersaysno1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I may have asked them why Xbox one is £80 more than their next competitor. Make no mistake, this isn't a troll question just a genuine one, why they think their machine is worth that amount more.

Gotta justify it somehow, not really sure if Kinect is that £80 value for me and being outside the USA, whether any of the media stuff they talked about would actually fly here in the UK cos I suspect it won't.

Bigpappy1812d ago

It is a troll question. Because you already know the answer is KINECT.

JokesOnYou1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Yeah I don't see how thats not a troll question....if you don't think kinect is worth the extra cost then you simply dont want an X1.

vvv aibreeze I don't understand what you mean? The hardware inside the box costs you $500, just like all manufacturers set retail prices for laptops, tablets, pc's or any other product. You simply decide if that products hardware/specs/features for your intended use are worth the price. So besides regular PR about the console and supporting it with games there is no need to justify the already know enough about X1 to decide if its worth it or not, those new to gaming or unsure need only do some easy research to decide.

pompombrum1812d ago

Asking why is a troll question but asking them to justify the cost would be fair at this point.

Computersaysno1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Its not a troll question at all. Is Kinect really worth the £80 in hardware? The machine itself is clearly not as well specced as PS4 or as expensive to make, lets face it the memory is cheaper for one thing so the actual cost of the box is surely less and worth less in pure hardware terms than PS4.

Asking them to justify the cost of their package and why it is more expensive and why that it is worth it isn't a troll question, unless of course you are a bit thick. Asking Sony why PS3 was so expensive on launch was what a lot of people wanted to do.

Microsoft need to show why they believe their console is worth so much more than the competitors machines and that value is discernible for everyone that is going to buy this thing.

Microsoft clearly believe that their box is worth a lot more and they need to show us why.

Omegasyde1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I don't think its a troll question. The Kinnect 1.0 wasn't impressive.

Would you rather save the money then using it on peripheral you don't plan to use?

Example - If Apple lowered the price of their phone by 100$ and said SIRI was optional for an additional 100$ - who would really pay extra for SIRI? (Answer- Hipsters)

Example 2 - A new car purchase. Instead of getting of getting 4 wheel drive, you purchase a better sound system. Sure might come in handy in rural areas, but what if I live in a city?

JokesOnYou1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

uhm well first off you don't know how much each cost to make, with micro investing in custom chips/embedded 32eSRAM, custom built bluray drive/unique architechture for airflow, 3 OS design, etc in the end its likely that the overall hardware and system designs aren't very different in regards to base cost, then if you really want to know what else it costs just a bit of research would tell you Kinect alone is being sold separately for $400 for pc....I'd say that already means they are selling it for a deep discount to ensure its success with the X1. So again, no justification just like apple, sony, Samsung, dell, or any other electronics manufacturer they develop and then put out the product for a set price; if you say Kinect v2 is garbage and not worth the extra cost then you don't want a X1, its really that simple, unless you want some micro exec to show up at your door and "sell" you on why you should buy a X1 then its just trolling because its clear X1 is more expensive because it comes with an expensive camera standard.

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