Moneysaver: Discounted Playstation Plus Memberships and PS4 Pre-Orders

Shane Roberts: "If you own a Playstation 3, or Vita, and don't have Playstation Plus, you're doin' it wrong (do people still say that?). I love using visual aids in the Moneysaver, so just look at that image, the value is ridiculous. Today Best Buy is offering a rare discount on Plus memberships, and if you've been with us for any length of time, you know Best Buys best deals sell out quickly."

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abzdine1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

just wow!!

PS4 + KZ + PS+ = 499$

and you get Drive Club for FREE with PS+

1569d ago
Deadpoolio1569d ago

Don't forget all the Free PS3 and Vita games you get access to also...For those keeping their PS3

guitarded771569d ago

Screw it... It's back up to $50 :/ I was gonna jump all over another year of PS+.

hduce1569d ago

If you are a Gamers Club Unlocked member just add the year's subscription to your cart and hit check out and the discounted price will be shown. Make sure your Gamers Club is linked to your account. You can also go on the Rewards Zone site and print out a coupon for Playstation +.

guitarded771569d ago

Cool, thank's for the head's-up. I am a member... ++bubs for helpful.

hduce1569d ago

Thanks for the info. My Playstation + subscription is expiring tomorrow so I just did an in store pick up at Best Buy for a year's subscription for $39 - $20 Reward Certificate. I'm all set for the PS4 online multiplayer.

1569d ago