We Need More Wrestling Games (Not You, WWE)

Hardcore Gamer: Despite the impeccable quality of their games, there needs to be more titles out there willing to step up and force the WWE to share the spotlight, because the developers at Yukes and 2K aren’t even going to try anymore if there aren’t any willing to do so.

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1751d ago
darthv721751d ago

my favorite wrestling games:

WWF Wrestlemania (Arcade)
WWF Wrestlefest (Arcade)
WWF Superstars (Arcade)
Wrestle War (Arcade)
Pro Wrestling (NES)

rataranian1751d ago

wcw nes was pretty cool too.
I also liked nWo Revenge.

greyhaven331751d ago

I remember one of the arcade games I absolutely loved, it was from the late 80s or early 90s, had the ultimate warrior in it I know for sure. Do you know which one that was? Man I loved that game and I can't remember the name, I know it was one of the WWF ones though

3-4-51751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Yea the WWF NES games were awesome. Music was really good.

I believe the same guy who did the marble madness and Donkey Kong Country 1&2 music also did the WWF Championship game.

The larger of the 2, with more characters.

1751d ago
e-p-ayeaH1751d ago

An MMO wrestling game could be interesting.

evilhasitsway1751d ago

there actually is a wwe mmo but it will never see the states I read about it when they were making wwe 13

Larry L1751d ago

I hate modern wrasslin' games because they are honestly too complicated for me. But I was really looking forward to the console version of WWF/E WrestleFest. Images came out, it even had a release date of Dec 14 or 19 2012. But after the THQ thing went down, who I believe was the publisher, WrestleFest just disappeared never to be heard from again.

Does anyone know what happened or heard any updates?

ceedubya91751d ago

I like the current wrestling games, especially some of their user generated offerings, but there is definitely an opportunity for some non WWE/TNA type games. They could really focus on character creation and customization and online play/leagues. Really make it community focused. There seem to be some smaller scale indie games that are doing some of these things, but a company that is willing to do this on a bit of a bigger scale would be welcome.

sarcastoid1751d ago

I think a general problem isn't that we need non-wwe games (although there'd be nothing wrong with that) but that more developers need to do wrestling games in general. I know it's financial less feasible nowadays compared to 10 years ago but last gen we had an exclusive wwe game for ps2, gamecube AND xbox. I think that competition, as in any case, fueled innovation and creativity.