Classic Game-Over Screens to Return in Batman: Arkham Origins

David Rodriguez writes, "Remember those distinct, unique game-over screens that you experienced in Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel, 2011′s Batman: Arkham City? Well, they will be back in their same form in Warner Bros. Montreal’s upcoming game, Batman: Arkham Origins."

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OhMyGandhi1876d ago

Love screens like these! pises me off just enough to want to play another round, have another go.

1876d ago
Whymii1876d ago

Ahhh Harley what would we do without your taunts.

My personal favourite game over screen was on the Amiga's version of Rogue. If you pirated the game it would show a tombstone with the saying 'here lies a pirate, oh scum of the earth' when you died. Talk about making it personal.

ZombieKiller1873d ago

Why is this even an article? It was the same as the last 2 games and anyone that has even seen a screenshot of this game knows it will follow very close to the other games and include its features.

As if anyone was worried about the game over screens being different...