Bungie: "We still have risks to take"

GameSpot: "Destiny developer says the company is 'young and spry' in response to a fan asking if AAA games can be innovative."

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ZBlacktt1876d ago

Open world games are going to rule the gaming world. People want real life. Go anywhere, do anything at any time. With the element of anything can show up or happen at any time!

So looking forward to this game as well as AC4 BF, Watch Dogs, Infamous SS, etc.

1876d ago
Thomper1876d ago

But what about our heroes who live in Submarines???

CoLD FiRE1876d ago

There are many more offline games for your "heroes" to enjoy.

Trying to cater to everyone will only result in more compromises.

MizTv1876d ago

Ill be happy to support them with my money
And I like new ideas
So this is good to hear

ForgivenZombie1876d ago

I am fiending to play Destiny. I'm really looking forward to explore the different worlds and meeting new people.

MizTv1876d ago

When they showed gameplay I forgot about other worlds!
This game is going to be insane

webeblazing1876d ago

and this is why they left MS. hope the have something else in the works after this