Call of Duty is doooooomed. Well, not really, sorry.

Sean, our resident Call of Duty fan, weighs in on the internet buzzing that the lower pre-orders for Ghosts spells doom for the juggernaut franchise.

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Shadonic1811d ago

As long as COD keeps doing the Cookie Cutter with 1 extra sprinkle development it will keep losing players.

1811d ago
p0tat0stix1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I completely disagree for very specific reasons:

1. COD games attract a very specific crowd looking for an action packed, responsive and competitive experience. No other game rivals the COD franchise in its category (those who realize the immense difference between COD and Battlefield know what I'm talking about). Battlefield is a great game, but completely different.

2. Small changes over time may actually keep players, not lose them. The COD games are so fine tuned (sure they have their issues) that too much change may actually cause players to resent the game. Competitive fps players look to these games to remain fast, balanced, and actually more similar to the previous version than not. Updates are great, but too much too soon and the competitive crowd will revert back.

3. COD's fan base (again, only referring to this fps category) is so large, the incentive to play their game is self generating. There could be a better game out there, graphically and/or gameplay related, but may lack the fan base necessary to offer the always-available multiplayer that COD does. This goes a long way. It may well take a revolution, or a revolutionary title such as Titanfall, to dethrone the franchise.

Whether or not Titanfall will steal the fps crown remains to be seen (I would personally love to see it succeed). However, the COD franchise knows what their doing when they make these "cookie cutter" games, and they do it quite well.

csreynolds1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Where you say Call of Duty is an "action packed, responsive and competitive experience" - Battlefield isn't?

While you talk about the immense difference only those who agree with your PoV realise, I feel I should point out that CoD is in fact a product of Battlefield (research it). The real difference between the two series is Battlefield significantly ups its game with each new realise - new engines, better visuals, larger multiplayer lobbies (32 vs. 32 anyone?), more customisation... what does CoD give? More perks? More killstreaks? More claustrophobic maps? Sure, it runs at 60fps, but that won't count for anything next gen.

The world doesn't need to wait for Titalfall; Battlefield 4 is on track to dethrone CoD already, and it's not even out of Alpha yet.

EDIT: and so we're clear, I'm not a Battlefield fanboy. Look up 'csreynolds' on CoD ELITE (PS3) - I've been playing Call of Duty for years. It's just taken me a while to realise that this cow is being milked to death, and the milk ain't getting any tastier.

0neShot1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Another typical BF fanboy who is blinded by hate and stupidity he did not understand what it means that COD is different from BF. You play COD and BF and you can't see the difference? dummy.

BF has not changed over the years, same gameplay, BF4 next gen looks like BF3, the frost bite engine looks crap on consoles, better visuals? really, the map is so bland and lacking textures.

Battlefield will never dethrone COD, in fact, because of the wide gap in audience and profitablity, BF should not even be mentioned beside COD because COD is in a different league with BF not even close.

TitalFall pose the serious challenge to COD and this is a good thing and am hoping it succeeds.

p0tat0stix1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I was never comparing BF and COD. Maybe I wasn't clear enough about that. They offer completely different experiences and don't really fall into the same category in my humble opinion.

I was stating that, as an "arcade" style fps, no other franchise comes close to rivaling COD. I would classify BF as more of a realistic "simulation" fps.

Again, different categories thus not comparable. As far as fan base, yes BF4 does threaten to reduce the amount of COD players online at any given time, but when a gamer wants that arcade, tournament style fps, what other options are there right now but COD?

(crossing fingers about Titanfall) I really hope it's what we've been waiting for...

csreynolds1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


Lol - did you even read my comment? "EDIT: and so we're clear, I'm not a Battlefield fanboy. Look up 'csreynolds' on CoD ELITE (PS3) - I've been playing Call of Duty for years."

It's ironic that you think I'm the dummy, yet you a) clearly haven't played Battlefield enough to notice the jump from BF2 to BF3 (and now BF3 to BF4), and b) haven't realised that all those 'bland' maps from recent BF4 gameplay are from the game's ALPHA. I'm guessing you missed BF4's E3 multiplayer session...

Your reply demonstrates that you don't know what you're talking about, so I'm going to wrap this up here and let you get back to bumming Activision. Ciao!

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shibster881811d ago

Honestly no time for cod anymore ever its old boring and people say yea but they sell loads of course, kids, and the fish ai doesnt attract me at all lol, bf4 all the way baby

Salooh1811d ago

My brother and i choke our selfs when we hear about cod xD

My little brother only think about the game though lol

The_Sneauxman1811d ago

You and your brother have a weird relationship

EXVirtual1811d ago

It is dead. You might as well call it Milk of Duty.

N2NOther1811d ago

It's dead? The number one game on Xbox Live as recently as Marjor Nelson's last report 2 weeks ago is dead? You heard it hear folks. The game game that made half a billion dollars in 24 hours less than 10 months ago is dead

Thanks for reading. Seriously. You were my inspiration for the article! Appreciate it.

csreynolds1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Interesting fact: CoD Ghosts pre-order numbers are currently well below those of Black Ops II. Battlefield 4's are through the roof.

See you next gen.

N2NOther1810d ago

And they're double those of the original Black Ops. And again, it's still the most played game on XBL. These are facts. You can do with them what you will. I will be sure to write a follow up when I'm right, though. Hope to see you there!

Marc201101811d ago

COD is the 800 pound gorilla in the game industry, it is nowhere close to dead. Others like BF4 are catching up to its numbers, slowly but surely.

e-p-ayeaH1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

its the best shooter to play online on consoles as it is right now but next gen might change that but is still too soon to have an conclusion on that.

sync901811d ago

Your comment barely makes sense. But, the tiny bit i did understand was hilarious. cod best online console shooter! hahahahahahaha

e-p-ayeaH1811d ago

millions of players disagree with your statement im sorry i dont deny that cod taken an huge blow in quality but is still the most adictive online shooter to play to date.

shibster881811d ago

Yay the cod kiddies are hear, ill nip to the
Shoos and buy you kids some sweets for your good spelling, well done, and also when ghosts comes out, I have a game for you, its called name that fish and if you get them all right you will receive a good star, thanks boys and girls annnnnnnnnddddd good luck.
bless the kids of today :)

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