These Retailers Still Have PlayStation 4 Available For Preorder

But will everyone get their consoles on release day? Do you have to buy a bundle? How about a trade?

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Foolsjoker1724d ago

Glad I already pre-ordered mine, but good to see people still have a chance at getting one.

dbjj120881724d ago

I hope they've got a huge stock of consoles, not just for launch, but through to December 24th. I'm one of those late shoppers :P

Relientk771724d ago

Lol good luck, man

hope you get it

BLAKHOODe1724d ago

Good luck. If all else fails, there is always eBay.. I hear they are currently going for the dirt cheap, low price of $800 there. At least, dirt cheap, low compared to the $2000 they'll probably be going for right before Christmas.

1724d ago
Wedge191724d ago

Tell all your friends! Let's get these all sold out!

Sev1724d ago

Crazy Sony is committing to so many preorders. They seem endless. Those eBay resellers are going to have a difficult time making bank on consoles this year.

dbjj120881724d ago

Yeah, as opposed to Nintendo's way of defeating second-hand where no one really wanted the Wii U bad enough.

acharlez1724d ago

Meh. I'm happy to wait.

maximus19851724d ago

wehehelll you sir will be very happy

_FantasmA_1724d ago

Better hurry up people. Even Amazon only has a few of the bundles left. Lets make Sony happy by buying boatloads of PS4s that way they can get motivated to keep bringing us great games.

Deadpoolio1724d ago

This is like the 3rd or 4th time they've re-opened pre-orders. Obviously the PS4 is further into production than the XBO since they have not reopened pre-orders....I don't even think they have their FCC certification yet

_FantasmA_1724d ago

Yeah but some bundles are running low. Like the Watchdogs wasn't available yesterday and the only ones that were available were the $499.USD ones that come with a game and Plus. I'm just saying don't wait too long. I am excited like a boner cause this will be my first console ever pre ordered. I will avoid being shot by having it delivered to my house.

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The story is too old to be commented.