MTV- Pikmin 3 Review

MTV:The "Pikmin" franchise is one of Nintendo's most oddball series, with gameplay that's unlike anything else that company, or any other company for that matter, creates. Playing "Pikmin" offers gamers the wholly unique experience of controlling large groups of tiny creatures that do your bidding for you. However, there hasn't been a fresh "Pikmin" game since the release of "Pikmin 2" on the GameCube back in 2004, so, when Nintendo announced a new entry into the series it's fair to say that gamers got excited. That reveal was at E3 in 2008, and the game was supposed to be on the Wii... then it was supposed to be a Wii U launch title. Five years after its initial announcement, "Pikmin 3" has finally been released, and even with development delays and a change of platform, it's fair to say that the wait was worth it.

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brewin1841d ago

Sadly, id trust these guys more than some of the other reviewers out there. The game is great, but it takes a little time to "get it." Yuo cant just play it for 5 minuts and make a decisive opinion. It gets better and easier the more you play it and understand how everything works. Its definitely more of an action/strategy game than anything else. And while it may look cutesy, the game can be very unnerving and is actually pretty dark. There is a very dark and twisted sense of humor in this game that I didnt expect. When you leave any Pimin behind after the day ends, you have to watch them get mauled to death by the creatures of the night. Its actually a little disturbing and gave me an emoitonal response I didnt expect.

marloc_x1841d ago

Great title. Bingo Battle makes for long and challenging matches!