Minecraft Xbox One: eight upgrades and features we want

OXM UK: "There's another Minecraft on the way - Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, which is said to be bigger, better and some other adjective that begins with 'b', possibly 'blockier'. Whenever I think about the game, a red mist descends and my ears fill with the rabid chittering of subconscious demons."

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SignifiedSix911565d ago

Give me some High Res texture packs, and i'll consider buying it for xbox. Game hurts my eyes with the default TP.

1565d ago

And this is specifically for the XB1 why?

TrollCraftTales1565d ago

Or you could just get the definitive version on PC right now, Free custom skins, Texture Packs, Mods, The latest version... And it runs on just about any PC, especially with Optifine...

contradictory1565d ago

i agree but it doesn't run on anything....
it didn't run on a rock that i put a current through
but it did run on my carpet with Windows 95
..i don't even...

camel_toad1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Curves! Kidding aside it's time for minecraft 2.

webeblazing1565d ago

What??? aint its the same game

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