Why is it that people love Indie games so much?

Some of the reasons that people love indie games so much

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TheTwelve1840d ago

Because they bring back gaming idealism: if somebody makes a good game, it gets played. No worry about hype, reviews, publishers, DLC, etc, etc. Just good old fashioned gaming.

1840d ago
realiks1840d ago

Fresh air from all the repetitive FPS

Godmars2901840d ago

Because AAA game production has failed us that much.

Mr_Pinky1840d ago

Usually it's because Indie Games end up giving gamers games that we've wanted from big developers but never got. I mean look at Minecraft, a survival like building game. How come no one did that before, it's a cool concept and it's probably been something you've thought of in the past, something you would of expected a big developer to do but it never happened. Then Notch comes along and BOOM...Minecraft a game where the possibilities are endless.

WeAreLegion1840d ago

Why is it that people differentiate between indie games and other games so much?

Many indie games have better production values than those published by large companies. The only difference is that the developer is independent. People act like there's this wall between indies and the rest. That makes no sense, whatsoever.

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The story is too old to be commented.