Zynga To Shut Down OMGPOP’s Online Gaming Portal

Greg Kumparak: "After Zynga acquired OMGPOP for around $200M only to lay off much of the team a year later, it was unclear what would happen to this last lingering monument to the company. On September 30th, it’ll be shut down for good. It’s the final period in OMGPOP’s story, a Zynga-branded version of Draw Something left as its only legacy."

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Voozi1874d ago

Good times on that site :(

1874d ago
3-4-51874d ago

Matrick has whatever the opposite of the Midas Touch is.

Mounce1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Dumbest move I`ve seen a company do for a lonnnng time....

I remember being a member of omgpop before the hipsters invaded it. When it was just the `Draw Something`` and that alone XD Man, so many memories of drawing penises instead of pants. Or drawing pants in the shape of penises.

badz1491874d ago

ever since the buyout, it's only going downhill. $200 million for a short-lived top game on android and iOS, bamm!! $200 million! sold the company the 1st chance he got for couple folds of what the company originally worth, and let Zynga take the fall. smart man! and what a dumb move from Zynga! I knew that they were desperate but scooping up a fad game? they only have themselves to blame!

ravinash1874d ago

Good move by the the original owner, played his card just right and can now probably put his feet up.

Only people I feel sorry for are the ones who worked at OMGPOP when Zynga canned it.

Voozi1874d ago

Yep :/ made some good friends there too. The worst part is when you're one of 4 people who didn't get laid off so you get a sense of "survivors guilt"

On the plus side, Rockstar's office is next door to ours, so they invited us over for a roof top party which was pretty fun!