Nine ways GTA 5 could be better on Xbox One

OXM UK: "If a GTA 5 Xbox One port does happen, it's likely to be a long way off. Perhaps Rockstar should use this time to make just a few, teeny tiny adjustments to the game, to make it even better on the next gen platform."

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Wizziokid1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

GTA V would be better on next gen in general not just X1 .

My guess is it is in the works but we won't know about it until the current gen launches.

Man2bFree1877d ago

Its probably going to come to the next gen with the PC version. why would Rockstar and take two announce that GTA V is coming to next gen now!! they would lose lots of sales by doing that. ppl will skip it on this gen and wait it out until it get released on next gen. i expect them to announce it later in nov. or dec. that gta v is coming to next gen early 2014 and to PC.

andrewsqual1877d ago

Lol that is the idea. Why would they announce it now? What difference would it make for them to announce it in January 2014?
Oh and in my opinion they should just announce it anyway. Yeah all the kids are going to say "Well I'm waiting for the PC and Next gen console version out next May to play it" lol.
The same "gamers" that are going to buy FIFA 14 twice this year and think absolutely nothing of it.

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3-4-51877d ago

on both XB1 & PS4, it will be better for one reason:

* Recording game footage instantly and uploading it.

Now we really get to see some crazy stuff instead of mostly generic videos.

TrollCraftTales1876d ago

That would be great, but there are other reasons as well, much bigger world, more people on screen, better graphics, and the reason I want it on next get, I am selling my PS3 to get PS4, so I can't play it unless it comes out on next gen, I NEED THIS GAME!

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HammadTheBeast1877d ago

ffs stop writing these incomplete headlines to get hits.

"Nine ways GTA V could be better on Xbox One over current Gen"

Is that so hard to do?

Mounce1877d ago

It's from Xbox 360 Magazine. What do you expect other than Bias to its own console-brand?

They're not going to praise next-gen competitors....even though one of the reasons they gave is 'More RAM = better textures, more citizens to harass'

Which makes me laugh my ass off as we know the whole PS4/X1 situation of who has more RAM and better RAM, so the case really is. They have to make the article Biased and limited unless they 'coincidentally' praise both PS4 and X1 (They can't have that...)

TrollCraftTales1876d ago

"Nine ways GTA V could be better on Next Gen over Current Gen."

Although it is Xbox 360 Magazines... They will obviously be biased...

TheRealHeisenberg1877d ago

It would be better if the console was $300.00 USD or less, same for the PS4.

cLiCK_sLiCK91877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Even better if it was free or less, same for the PS4. Heck while we are it, I wish mcdonalds was free. It would better. Its ridiculous that they charge us for these things. Dont they know it would be better? /s

TheRealHeisenberg1877d ago

/s aside, I agree with every word.

TrollCraftTales1876d ago

I would be even better if M$ PAYED YOU TO GET THEIR CONSOLE!

TheRealHeisenberg1875d ago

Even more so if $ony could afford to. My bad, I know Sony is doing poorly in a financial sense so I dropped the $.

AngelicIceDiamond1877d ago

Should be next gen all together.

Blastoise1877d ago

I knew they'd have to mention Kinect voice commands. Nobody wants those.

fattyuk1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

But how else do you play the game when your controller runs out of AA battery juice at 2 in the morning?

@Superlupe all I read there was "$$$$ Play and charge kit"

SuperLupe1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Well yu recharge it. Not on the bright side I see.

"Charging your Xbox One controller will be done via micro-USB cable. No information yet on battery life of the controller, or charging time. The controller will take batteries in a new integrated battery compartment.

The new controller will also feature a low power state to help conserve battery life when it is not in use, so you can rest assured knowing that it won't be needlessly draining energy while watching a movie or when away from the console"

I don't see whats so hard to understand ...

andrewsqual1877d ago

Exactly, nobosy asked for Socom voice controls in PS2 GTA games. Why do we need them in a "NEXT GEN" console in 2014?

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