Assassin's Creed IV's Underwater Gameplay Plus: Black Flag's Terrifying Animals and Marine Wildlife

Rev3Games: "Tara continues her tour of Ubisoft Singapore, getting the scoop on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's newest element, underwater gameplay."

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ZBlacktt1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

So day one buy....:) I'm ready to get lost in a world like this. My body is so ready. Take my money already!

btw, here's the youtube video if you want to share it.

hazardman1810d ago

Thanks Black as main link sisnr work for mw. I cant wait for this game. It looks good.

That was Xbox360/PS3 gameplay it looka pretty good!

ZBlacktt1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Big flat panel tv with surround sound and don't bug because I'm not coming out for days, lol.

I've read 25 hours of main story and 80 more hours of random findings and side stuff.

hazardman1810d ago

Damn!!! Im assuming with all the time your putting in. This is one of your favorite games series! Hey cant knock that...

ZBlacktt1810d ago

@haze, yeah like many some of the past games were hit and miss. When AC3 came along it wasn't until the naval missions came in that I sat up and was like whoa! I loved loved that in AC3. The beautiful graphics and scenery. The weather/storms and massive waves. The battles between ships. It took us out of the normal AC environments and gave us something totally new.

Now take Far Cry 3. They took Dev's from that game and brought them over to this game. Now you have two epic teams working as one. Thus why and how this game got to be on such a large scale.

They fixed so many game play issues from the past. No more fail missions when you have to sneak. Now they play out and you have to figure out how to catch/do the mission being discovered, etc.

There's just so much game here. They looked at Skyrim as well for that open world feel. In open world games there comes the element of random encounters. So everyone's game play is going to be different. So this is where the Share button comes into play on the PS4. Now you can show your friends what it is you saw or found. Just damn good times ahead in video gaming.

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Locknuts1810d ago

"And...I'm going to go talk to somebody else now..." lol

Lwhit61810d ago

How about i just give you 600 dollars Ubisoft and you GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!!!!