Tastes like burning: Limited BioShock Infinite “Devil’s Kiss” bottles on sale

Irrational Games is selling a limited number of replica "Devil's Kiss" vigor bottles. 500 of the regular type, and 50 signed by Ken Levine. The latter will cost you $600 USD though.

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Mr_Pinky1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago ) the hell does that cost $350

I would of loved to buy all the Vigors but come on how the hell do they cost that much.

I bought the Portal Gun from NECA for £99...a gun replica...a PORTAL GUN replica. So I don't see how a small bottle like this even if it's made form good materials can cost this much. Hell I don't even think thats a proper replica, the top seems the same but the bottle underneath looks different. I can remember gaming heads offering people a biggish replica Portal Turret for less then that

They better do a cheaper version.