The Perfect Free-to-Play Model

My opinion of what a good free-to-play game consists of...

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desertpunk861806d ago

i hate free to play games!just like i still have a sub for gaming magazines i will always prefer a full $60 game over a free to play one and it will always be like that until i die.

i hate ads,i hate micro transactions and unbalanced mp.

a free to play borderlands 3...would make me sick!

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Chrono1806d ago

The best free-to-play model is the one that lets you do everything, while sells cosmetics/fashion items only to make your chars look cool but don't give them other advantages.

ExCest1806d ago

The Valve model is a perfect example of that.

tubers1806d ago

IIRC that's kinda like LOL (I played several months back).. idk if it changed tho.

maybe other MOBAs do it as well.. mostly cosmetic things for paid stuff.

Sam Fisher1806d ago

Understandable but 1 - they charge ppl for like 2 to 5 dollars for cosmetic looks, id much rather buy with that price that affects the game, you guys are looking at it as a choice, yea i can clearly see that, but the prices are somewhat outragous 3$ for armor that doesnt protect you, id rather spend on armor that actually affects, so yes it can be bad but for what the prices are for id much rather spend on a gun that kicks ass, its still cheaper than buying a crappy game for 60$ and you have to swallow the game b/c no returns if open

MrTrololo1806d ago

LOL and Dota 2 done it perfectly