Nintendo Picks Least Appealing Games Possible for August Club Nintendo Rewards

Hardcore Gamer: Offering digital games as Club Nintendo rewards is a fine practice, but it seems that little to no effort went into selecting games that people would actually want to play.

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kirbyu1835d ago

So, you're excuse for Wario's Woods being bad is because it's not known well? That's really dumb.

Anyway, someone should tell Nintendo to have Mega Man X on Wii U as a reward next. But that unfortunately won't happen.

brewin1835d ago

They need to get a lot mpre stuff on the VC before they start doing that. I think they are much more likely to give the Wii VC versions becasue they know most people will end up upgrading to the Wii U VC version for $1-$1.50 so they can make something off the game. Im ok with that, but they need to hurry up and just plop a bunch of VC stuff out there. Its not like the SNES doesnt have a ton of classics that would sell like crazy. The trickle effect is stupid for these games. They dont all need room to breathe, just get them out there for frig sake!

1835d ago
3-4-51835d ago

Mario Golf is supposed to be one of the best GBC games ever made.

guitarded771835d ago

Dang, I should have got Starfox 64 or Super Punchout.

brewin1835d ago

I ahd a feeling this would happen and snagged them both the other day. They cant give away all the great stuff every month! I have gotten a lot of classics this way though, so I am glad that Nintendo even does this. Its not like we get rewarded for buying games form any other company in this manner. Byut Ive got Marip 64, Mario Kart 64, 1080 Snowboarding, Super Mario RPG, F Zero GX, Super Punchout, and many more. Just hold onto those points cuz I bet there will be some good stuff next month!

XboxFun1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

HAHA, PlayAction Football!

I so remember that game. they should have given out 10 yard Fight!

Aceman181835d ago

yea i played the hell out of PlayAction Football back in the day.

brianace1835d ago

Play Action football will always be waterboy to Tecmo Super Bowl. Also, the player portrait of John Elway in Play Action made him look like he had one giant tooth. I've been waiting 23 years to make that comment.

XboxFun1835d ago

The payoff was enormous.

Williamson1835d ago

I missed out on Mario 64 2 months ago. I have about 955 coins and nothing this month looks interesting to me, maybe Mario golf.

guitarded771835d ago

I scored Mario 64. Kinda pissed I didn't get on Starfox 64 or Super Punch Out. I was waiting to see what came up. I have about 400 coins.

Williamson1835d ago

Are n64 games playable on Wii u's yet? Would love to play Mario 64 on my gamepad if possible.

guitarded771835d ago

You can play them on Wii U through the Wii interface. Still, I'd rather play on Wii U to use the gamepad or pro-controller, and share screenshots. I figure when the N64 games come to Wii U, I can buy them for a discount since I already have them through Club Nintendo points. I just hope Nintendo doesn't say games bought with club points don't apply. That would suck.

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