ReRam Arrives, Blows Away Current Tech - What it could mean for Gamers and Professionals

Crossbar a fledgling company has developed a working module of ReRam - a NON Volatile very powerful piece of memory that can double as Random Access AND Data Storage. Performance is literally off the charts.(Performance Charts Included). This could potentially change the Gaming Scene and HPC Forever.

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Sarick1838d ago

I've been waiting for this. I hear it's cheaper then or about the same cost as flash ram but much much better speeds. If anything this would be the future of storage if we could get terabytes of it.

Think about a gaming system that has almost no limit on the cache size. When the game loads it can store the entire world at once while playing already.

This is just so awesome if it reaches the consumer market at a competitive level to HDDS and FLASH and or ram.

1838d ago
3-4-51838d ago

So theory:

Nintendo is going to release their Next console (2017-2018) before Sony & Microsoft Obviously, When they do, and use this, they will have possibly the best and most powerful console on the far.

just a thought.

Can't wait to see what happens with this.

Mounce1838d ago for some reason think that Nintendo would somehow be the only ones to use this RAM? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. "WHAT IF-- Everyone but Nintendo is incompetent!" Wowee, what a great What-if! As the only way it can come true is if All competitors just randomly turn into braindead zombies with no edge in the industry. Knowing how strong Sony pushes for new high-end technology for their gadgets, it'd be extremely unlikely that Sony isn't among the first few to get into such ordeals just as they were with Blu-ray or with the OLED TV's and many many more.

cesuf1837d ago

Ya so 6 years from now, wii u 2 may or may not release with specs similar to xbone/ps4. Depressing thought really if u think about it.

Besides I thought Nintendo fans always coined the phrase: specs don't matter.

Corpser1838d ago

What do you mean it's better than 8GB of GDDR5?

cococabana1838d ago

It means that a ReRam Storage will be faster then 8GB DDR5 ;)

gapecanpie1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

LOL GDDR5 is obsolete since day one as the tech is based on DDR3 :/

edgeofsins1838d ago

And DDR3 isn't obsolete..

That is like saying DDR3 is obsolete because it is based on DDR1. Just ignorance.

LordDhampire1838d ago

Lol i7 is obsolete, its based on Pentium 4 tech

gapecanpie1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Do you even know what obsolete mean? Apparently not but I'll tell you.

The meaning of obsolete is replacing something new with a better design, so yes DDR3 is obsolete however this does not mean DDR3 isn't better then DDR1 but its design is indeed obsolete.

This ReRam tech is a completely new tech and as such it makes DDR3 obsolete and if you disagree with that then you are a idiot. Don't confuse something being better with something being obsolete.

The i7 only borrow the hyperthreading from the Pentium 4 tech but the overall design is completely different.

Modify vs something completely new, do you even know the difference?

DeadIIIRed1838d ago

Obsolete: "no longer in use or no longer useful"

Maybe you should understand the simple definition of the word you are arguing about before calling others idiots.

Hicken1838d ago

... you just made two erroneous statements.

First, you claimed GDDR5 was obsolete because it was based on DDR3.

Then, after edgeofsins made you look silly, you changed it to mean that ReRam makes GDDR5 obsolete because it's new tech. But new tech only makes old tech obsolete when that old tech stops being used as the frontrunner.

Laser disc was new, but it didn't make VHS obsolete. HD-DVD didn't make DVD obsolete.

But they were new tech, right?

Dead pretty much summed it up: you don't even know what the word obsolete actually means.

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deerain1838d ago

Would this mean instant on OS or at least extremely quick boot up.

cococabana1838d ago

Possibly. I would assume almost instant boot since it is actually faster then a RamDisk and you cant boot from a RamDisk because its Volatile.

Sarick1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Even with the ram 100 times faster a cold boot does more then just transfer data. The devices hardware and OS need initialized. This takes a few seconds. It's very dependent on the CPU and hardware at the early stages of boot. Yes, it will increase load times but I doubt it'll be instant on ever if it's a true cold boot.

The thing to note is the newer OS use cheats to speed load times. Pre-fetching etc are used to trick the system into loading faster. In reality a system that is instant on would more or less need some initialization stages stored in a hibernate or suspended state to be instant on.

From my understanding windows 8 is mostly a hibernated OS and loads faster because most of the work was done in a previous boot.

So the CPU, OS, drivers and device hardware are also a bottlenecks at some point if doing a true
cold restart.

ZeroX98761838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Im booting up my PC in approx. 22-25 sec. Cold boot, not in sleep mode or anything. in my case it's the SSD doing a major part of the job.
I can't say enough good things about an SSD! it's so freaking fast, my loading times have been easily cut from half.

XiaoSet1838d ago

I don't have anything special in my machine, but I can boot my OS within 15 seconds on powering on my machine.

My specs are as follows:

DP55WB Intel Motherboard
Windows 8 Professional 64-bit
6GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
500GB SATA Hitachi 2.0
Intel i5 750 @2.67Ghz

I'm pretty sure it's the Windows 8 fast boot feature that does the job as my specs are nothing to gloat about.

threefootwang1838d ago

Getting an easy 10-12 seconds starting up running Windows 7 64 Bit. I added a 128GB SSD and re installed the OS on it. Loading up the desktop takes seconds, it's awesome!

ZeroX98761838d ago

All of this seems nice, but since the next gen consoles are not getting this, the gaming industry will use the PS4/X1 ram as standards until their lifecycle is complete (6-7 years maybe?).

Not trying to bash any consoles here, I got quite a lot of them myself, but this is another example of how PC gaming is always upgrading and console are playing catch up all the time.

Most of the time, money is the issue and I don't blame anyone for not being able to buy a 1000$ PC. It'll be my pleasure to support this if it ever comes to the public market. Sooner we integrate it in PC, faster will console owners benefit from it (in the next generation).

starchild1838d ago

There's no reason that games couldn't utilize a new kind of RAM on PCs that is different than the RAM in consoles. The memory architecture is already different between next-gen consoles and PCs.

SynestheticRoar1838d ago

Sounds interesting i'm intrigued.

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