GameSpy: Assassin's Creed PC Review

GameSpy writes: "After receiving a mixed reception on consoles last year, UbiSoft's Assassin's Creed has made the leap to the PC, and it's a good port of the commercial hit, adding in some bonus content and a nice level of graphical shine. The game's main character, Altair, is still one of the most fluid and beautiful characters in gaming, and his ancient battlegrounds are still joyous to dash and bound freely through. But the repetitive gameplay, nonsensical story and often half-baked feel of the original game makes this merely a solid port of a decent game.

Creed is set in 1191's Acre, Jerusalem, Damascus, and the interim terrain of "The Kingdom." Without spoiling the game's "twist," you spend most of your time as Altair, a member of the Assassin cult during the Third Crusade. Initially disgraced for disobeying the titular "assassin's creed," Altair is sent to kill nine men, one after the other, to redeem himself in the eyes of his order and his Master."

-Gorgeous graphics
-Liberating free-climbing areas
-Beautiful kills

-Goofy story
-Disjointed gameplay
-Poor use of an open world
-Nonsensical morality

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Skynetone3901d ago

After the first hour of painful cut scenes i was hoping for it to stop for a couple of hours of gameplay, but the cut scenes kept coming longer and more boring

it was to painful to continue