Underrated: Digital Extremes proves its name with talent and versatility

PSU takes a look at game developers that brought us great games this console generation, but didn't get the attention they deserved.

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Mounce1752d ago

Warframe IS awesome and they are hotfixing and updating it multiple times every week....

The only thing I dislike is the fact it has a metacritic score of 69 so it's like....why the fuck are so many people REVIEWING WARFRAME! It's in OPEN FUCKING BETA! and it's being reviewed professionally already. Most reviews had already taken place upon Open-beta launch or Closed beta even which to those kinds of people who depend on reviews to decide their opinion on whether or not to try a game? It's a low-blow to the great gameplay offered in Warframe.

1752d ago
mondofish1752d ago

Yeah! That is definitely strange...