Kombo: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Review

Kombo writes: "Ryu Hyabusa makes his debut on the DS with Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. Does Ninja Gaiden DS maintain the series's high standards?

Ninja Gaiden has a rich and proud history as a franchise. In the arcade, the game sported amazing graphics and gameplay. When the series was moved to the NES, all three games were instant classics and hailed as prime examples of what makes for a great action game. Years down the line, the series was revived on the Xbox with the release of Ninja Gaiden (and its remixes with Ninja Gaiden Black, also on the Xbox, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3). When making the move from 2D to 3D, Team Ninja proved that the action genre was still exciting, and fully capable of providing deep gameplay. Now, with Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, Team Ninja is ready to continue the story of Ryu Hyabusa in spectacular fashion. Retaining the feel and speed of the Xbox and PS3 games, Dragon Sword is primed to set the new standard for action titles on the DS."

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PS360WII3904d ago

Well deserved too. Full stylus control done right ^^

SaiyanFury3903d ago

Is there a way to play the game without using the stylus? I never liked the design of the DS that way.