This is what Black 2 would have looked like

Criterion has released two images of unreleased shooter Black 2.

The shots, released by the studio's creative director Alex Ward, were taken from Criterion's previously unseen "TargetX" video - presumably created to aid the cancelled game's development process.

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Hazmat131263d ago

kickstart BLACK2 and i will fund the shit outta it. i love BLACK on of my fav shooters on PS2 top dog will always be Timesplitters future perfect.

b163o11263d ago

Agreed, I know I've played it many of times when I still had the ps3's older brother, I honestly thought the game looked ps3 material at times. I'd drop so $$$ on that...

meatysausage1262d ago

You hav no idea how much respect you have for mentioning timesplitters, Best game ever!

TheRacingX1262d ago

I still throw Black in for a great nostalgia ride.... I loved Timesplitters 2, the split screen multi was great fun, Future Perfect no slouch either, thats why I was pretty bummed Haze never panned out, I figured ex-Free Radical guys , going to be good.... oh's to hoping a new TimeSplitters will come next gen....

ajax171262d ago

I loved BLACK! It was my first FPS.

Hazmat131262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

if they are dead set on "not making another BLACK video game" at least re release it in HD on PStore and XboxLive. for 10 or 15 i dont care ill still get it! haha also still waiting on a PS2 classic for Timsplitters collection.

ajax171262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Yeah, an HD port would be great. I would gladly buy it again.

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Npugz71263d ago

OHHHH please come to next gen consoles!!!!

e-p-ayeaH1263d ago

"Responding to fan questions, Ward said that he believed the game "probably wouldn't hold up" to today's standards. "Times have sure changed," he said."

Their lack of vision saddens me.

csreynolds1262d ago

Their lack of vision, or the fact we live in a world where Call of Duty is hailed as the pinnacle of first-person shooting?

I can't wait for Battlefield 4 to dethrone CoD next gen.

SpideySpeakz1262d ago

Black was one of those special games that stood out from the rest. It was truly a generation ahead for it's time.

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The story is too old to be commented.